Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tech Time

"I Love Techno" festival in Belgium, Nov 08.

I came to the realisation the other day that there has been little to no Tech posted on Staying Sick whether it be minimal tech, tech house or just straight up techno. This is a genre that is pretty much the sound of Europe. Obviously there are hundreds of genres and sub-genres of electronic music in the European continent but if one was to rule, it would be Techno.
I thought I’d share five techno tracks that I’m a big fan of and that sum up some of the different elements which techno defines. Some of these are quite old, others new and some in-between but they are all well produced techno tracks.

First is a real oldy, this is actually one of the first electronic tracks that I become addicted to and swayed me into the world of dance music. It’s from American producer Claude Von Stroke and what a fitting artist. This guy is techno. ‘Deep Throat’ is a minimal track that uses some pretty crazy samples including a sound derived from someone’s throat! What are you having for dinner?
Deep Throat - Claude Von Stroke

This next one is a little darker and harder. This track funnily enough uses ‘blippy’ sounds and a heavy bass line to build the track up slowly over a 7 minute period.
Just A Blip - Ben Watt

This one is a beast. One of my favourite tracks in general at the moment is Church Of Nonsense. I heard A-Trak play this on New Year’s Day and then it popped up in his Fabric Mix last month. This tune shows just how powerful a minimalistic track can be when executed properly. Listen to the drops which are a reduction in sound.
Church Of Nonsense -Daniele Papini

Domino a lifts the intensity a bit a few more elements added into the mix. This is a good example of straight up Techno.
Domino - Oxia

Lastly is a bit of a newer track. I have been fond of ‘Lazy’ (the original) since I first heard it way back in the day on MOS Chillout Sessions 3 (circa ’02)! Mowgli has given this a rework making it much deeper and darker through some grinding heavy bass. This works so well with the light friendly vocal balancing the song.
Lazy Feat. David Byrne (Mowgli Remix) - X-Press 2

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