Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Animal Language

The Mason Duo are repsonsible for the Animal language releases, these releases are a twist on all modern genres that aims to put the fun back into dance music. The Mason sound follows medolic methods that inspire the thinking man on the dancefloor. The label is heading in the right direction with support from Dj Hell, Mylo and Carl Cox.

Syncrom; is an Italo influenced tune. The tune features an 80’s style riff of epic proportions, bonded together with a slick groove that Moroder would’ve been proud of. Initial reactions from Mason’s own DJ sets is that Syncrom is completely laying waste to dance floors everywhere from Belgium to Brazil.

The double A side is another un-predictable left turn for Animal Language. A tribute to our black and white mammalian friends, ‘The Badger’, is about as funky as it is possible to make a record. A massively infectious slap-bass line is aggressively cut up and welded onto a jacking beat complete with old school vocal snippets and stabs. ‘The Badger’ is all funk, energy



Mylo: ha! loving Syncrom - 2010 is gonna be all about over the top karate kid music.

Alex Metric: love them both but badger is blowing my tiny mind. will play on the next radio 1 show for sure and smash it to hell and back in gigs. wicked!

Fake Blood: I'm off to jump into a computer controlled car / plane/helicopter / change into an animal!

Amazing man thanks a lot! ! Love dat!

Nick Warren: Syncrom is like Knightrider coming over the hill!

Sharam Jey: Always support your stuff, good tune with some nice disco sample falavour

Olav Basoski: DISCO DISCO GOOD GOOD, wow, this shit is FAT!

Larry Tee : Always loved Mason and Badger is Killing! Amazing man thanks a lot! ! Love dat!

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