Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tune of the day

Hall And Oates - I Can't Go For That

Woke up with this tune stuck in my head for some reason.
Here's the sexy arse vid to go with it

Thursday, July 22, 2010

New Boy 8 Bit

Get ready for "Yard Birds" on Turbo... Out August 17th.

Turbo 086 - Yard Birds / From The Depths by boy8bit

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Don Diablo s Extrema Festival Set

Crazy Crazy Crazy........disco, D&B, dubstep, electro............... take a look at this brief video and a chance to hear Don's and Diplos new track 'Make You pop' below.....

Don Diablo and Diplo-Make You Pop

Hello Brooklyn

This video was made by Greg Solenström. It takes a fresh approach by using still images and written text to narate the song. It's simple but surprisingly effective. No chains, rims, blunts or Crystal here kids.

Jay Z - "Hello Brooklyn" from Greg Solenström on Vimeo.

Not enough, infact barely any artists in hip hop write dope lyrics. It's sad but true. Jay-Z, he's different. This video highlights this. Not enough people even pay attention to lyricism anymore rather cheap hooks (normally in autotune). Listen to what Jigga says and how he flows so smoothly.

The song is actually from a sneaky lil mixtape called Brooklyn Soul. It was produced by Shuko & The Gunna back in '08 and is a collection of Jay-Z rhymes of Marvin Gaye beats. It's good, I recommend getting the whole thing.

Hello Brooklyn - Jay-Z

Cloned In Vatican Classics Mix

Cloned In Vatican, Gregorio Assandri, born in 1981,Italian dj and producer from 1999, on the nu disco scene since 2004, Boss of Disco Volante Recordings. Cloned In Vatican has had numerous tracks in Aeroplane charts.

Below is a mixtape he did with pure classics, this mix is a collection of funky slowmotion edits.


1.The Beatles-Come Togheter (Rambolage Edit)
2.The Jb Feat. James Brown- Hot Pants Road (Hansi Slum Dunk The Funk Edit)
3.The Incredible Bongo Band-Last Bongo in Belgium (Suonho Refunk)
4.Cloned In Vatican- Il Treno Dei Dannati (EXCL) [Mad on the Moon]
5.Phoenix-Liztomania (Holy Ghost's paris remixomania)[Kitsuné]
6.Christal- Fire Lady [CGD] (1987)
7.Jaques Renault- Norman's Fire[Hole in the sky]
8.La Bionda- I Got Your number(Berlinmachine edit)
9.Headman-Random Disco [Relish]
10.D- Pulse- More (Foto remix)[Tirk]
11.Damir K Rogina- Still Have Fun (at the club feat.Jacques)(EXCL.) [Disco Volante Recordings]
12.Fatback 4 wa Feat.Don Dolla-Generate Some Action[Mullet]
13.Relativedepth Vs Midnight Express-Cafè Des Aristes (EXCL) (Sare Havlicek Chicago Mix)[Disco Volante Recordings]
14.Diana Ross-No one gets the prize (Diana gets re-edit)

Disco Safari presents:Cloned In Vatican 24.06.10 -105 Classics.mp3


Felix Da Housecat-Oops.mp3

Monday, July 19, 2010

New Bag Raiders

The name 'Bag Raiders' is a household name these days amongst us all. The slow rise to the top was bought on by various singles including Fun Punch and Turbo Love. Along with various remixes and bootlegs and Blog famous discobelle mixes. With all these projects under their belt the final Shooting Stars launched them onto a global platform.

Today the boys have announced their self titled Debut Album out October 1st.

1. Castles In The Air
2. Sunlight
3. Shooting Stars
4. So Demanding
5. Gone Away
6. Prelude
7. Not Over
8. Snake Charmer
9. Always
10. Golden Wings
11. Way Back Home

To keep us from going insane, they have a lead single 'Way Back Home'which should begin radio play from early August. Some of you may of heard a Harvard Bass remix of it, which Surkin has been playing, but thats not confirmed.

Mix Monday 45

It has been a while since we posted a Mix Monday and for that I am sorry. There is no genuine excuse for this laziness. However to make up for this void I have found a rather special little mix put together by Chicago boy James Curd. This is a guy that has been making music for years and is a truly passionate musician. His own production ranges from house to disco and even the occasional techno based track. He is an artist that hasn't exploded into the mainstream but it is very talented and I my opinion deserves more credit than he is paid.

This particular mix was put together about a month ago and includes a variety of quite contemporary dance tracks. Like his production the mix varies in musical styles but when I listened to the overall product everything fits together almost too well. There are some favourites in there to keep everyone happy, most notably "We No Speak Americano" as well as tracks from Fake Blood, Boy 8-Bit and Breakbot. This is then balanced with some more alternate and less known tracks. One to take note of is the James Curd remix of "It's Not My Fault" which was a track recorded by Lenny Kravitz and Mos Def for the Gulf Aid cause. It's a tune and a half and just takes the original to the next level.

James Curd - Blue Sky Mixtape


1. Electric Light Orchestra - Mr Blue Sky
2. New Mjondalen Disco Swingers - Eurodans
3. Boy 8-Bit - Baltic Pine
4. Yolanda Be Cool & Dcup - We No Speak Americano
5. Johnny Dynell - Jam Hot (Tensnake Remix)
6. Fake Blood - I Think I Like It
7. Fake Blood - I Think I Like It (Tommie Sunshine & Figure Ecstacy Edit)
8. Belle Epoque - Miss Broadway (Kane Ian Edit)
9. Riva Star - I Was Drunk (Chris James Remix)
10. Juliet Sikora and Tube Berger - La Boca Loca
11. Go Go Bizkitt! - Stutterfunk
12. Round Table Knights & Bauchamp - Calypso
13. Marko Militano - What You Say
14. Lil Mark - Daddy J
15. James Curd - Only The Strong
16. Mos Def & Lenny Kravitz - It Ain't My Fault (James Curd Remix)
17. Inland Knights Feat J.A.M.O.N - Bite Back
18. Seaside Project - Funky Man (Seaside Remix)
19. Breakbot - Baby I'm Yours

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Not Happy With the Party Planner

Some summer European Parties you cannot complain about.................

Friday, July 16, 2010

Aeroplane pilot becomes Magician

"Aeroplane pilot becomes Magician", juno says. After last months split, just a month before their debut album, Stephen Fasano(pictured above left)will continue producing under the Magician moniker. The Belgian is a known admirer and collector of disco, this mix is the first piece of material from his solo act. No original material has been spotted yet.

Enjoy the mix below

Magican-Magic Tape 1

September 6th, keep an eye out!

01. Mountains of Moscow
02. We Can`t Fly
03. Superstar
04. London Bridge
05. I Don’t Feel
06. Without Lies
07. The Point Of No Return
08. Good Riddance
09. Caramellas (Album Version)
10. Fish In The Sky
11. My Enemy
12. We Fall Over

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sebastian Léger Latest

He has been in fine form this year. Sébastien Léger owns and manages his own record label, Mistakes Music. His origin is classical, however with his latest work, he has stretched the boundaries once again. His latest installment on the label are originals, which are strictly for the dancefloor. Silicone Carne and Superdrums are the track names, both with a techno grounding. They are readily available on google.

Today you have the opportunity to hear his latest remix for German legends Format B. Léger was a guest on Pete Tongs Essential selection last week for 15 minutes of fame. Pete gave Léger the opportunity to:

Play one his made:
Sébastien Léger – Silicone Carne [Mistakes Music]

Play one his remixed
Format B - Dog Tag (Sebastien Leger Remix).mp3 [Formatik]

Play one his loving(MJ tribute)
Michael Jackson – Off The Wall [RCA]