Monday, August 31, 2009

Mix Monday 25

Nadastrom is the combination of DJ Dave Nada and sound engineer Matt Nordstrom. These guys are clever. Not over doing themselves these guys are known for making fewer releases both in regard to remixes and originals. The pay off, everything they make is of pretty fucking high quality. Instead of throwing out 3 or 4 remixes a month of the most over worked tunes they choose rarer more unknown tracks to work on and then secretly drop them. It's not easy finding much of their work.

For this week's mix I've decided to present you with a compilation the boys put together at the end of last year for streetwear label Mishka. As with their production it doesn't fit into any one category and takes the listener on quite a journey starting off with some minimal tech, tribal house and then moving slowly towards the heavy side of genres like electro and bmore. I think it's been put together marvellously.

Keep Watch Vol 4 - Nadastrom


01. Brother's Vibe - Feelin House (Berli-Rigan Remix)
02. Ilagrio Aligante/Beanfield & Carl Craig - Chilean Tides (Nadastrom Rework)
03. Matt Nordstrom - Lucky Drawls
04. Loco Dice - Pimp Jackson Is Talking Right Now
05. Dubfire Vs Oliver Huntermann - Dios
06. Liberty City - Fierce Lovin (Fierce Rulin Dub)
07. Nadastrom - Squarez
08. Workidz - Work It
09. Pase Rock Vs Steve Lawler - Get Money Ketchup (Nadastrom Rework)
10. Baobinga - State Of Ghetto Jackin' (Dave Nada Remix)
11. Tittsworth Feat Nina Sky & Pitbull - Here He Comes (Nadastrom Remix)
12. Bart B More - Make Some Noise (Nadastrom Edit)
13. Lee Mortimer - Putto
14. Nadastrom Feat Blaqstarr - Tween Me & U
15. Toni D, Luciano Esser - Istanbul (Format B Remix)
16. Drop The Lime - Hear Me (Buraka Som Sistema)
17. Scottie B & King Tutt - African Chant (Top Billin Remix)
18. Blaqstarr - Get Your Handz Up (Nadastrom Remix)
19. True Pseudo - Freakin Me Out (Nadastrom DRNKN BTCHZ Remix)

Sunday, August 30, 2009


First up, new stuff from local talent Beni. For those who aren't up to speed with this dude he is half of Riot In Belgium and has now been producing quite a few up beat discoish electro tunes that have been recieving attention internationally. He recently mixed the MOS Mashed album which is well worth a listen. Here's a track from the B-side of his latest EP Maximus.

Fringe Element - Beni

Next up, Fake Blood has been busy recently with a few originals and remixes. With his 'Fix Your Accent' EP just around the corner there is a fair bit of hype surrounding this mysterious man at the moment. This is a fresh remix the big fella has done of The Gossip. Big song.

Love Long Distance (Fake Blood Remix) - The Gossip

With the amazing Dummy Mixtape which was posted on Monday here's some more insight into the talented Boy 8-Bit. This is a tune which he has currently been spinning quite regularly. I love this guy's ability to find a range of obscure and unknown tracks and then put them together in a way which seems so flawless. This hits it's stride around the 2:18 min mark.

Avouch - Tony Senghore

Here's some new Crookers. With their new album not far off there's been bits a pieces popping up. This time remixing Swedish electronic artist Fever Ray the Crookers have given it a big dancehall feel.

Seven (Crookers Remix) - Fever Ray

This one's just a bit of fun. Feel good friendly vocal.

Make Up To Break Up (Alvaro Remix) - Jeremih

Recently I've been getting more and more into tribal stuff. It also seems more produces and remixes are swinging this way with a noticable increase in the amount of tribal tech and house that has been emerging of late. Here's a good example with Edu K reworking Afro Nuts.

Afro Nuts (Edu K Remix) - Yolanda Be Cool

This is a bomb. Think Benny Benassi's Satisfaction just bigger and better and without words. For you Marto.

The Bottom - Fukkk Offf

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Celebrity disk-jockey DJ AM was found dead in SoHo Friday afternoon. He was 36 years old.
The body of DJ AM, born Adam Goldstein, was found on the seventh floor of an apartment building at 210 Lafayette Street, law-enforcement sources said.
Goldstein, along with former Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker, barely escaped death in a small plane crash in South Carolina on Sept. 19, 2008. That incident left him badly burned, but four others died in the accident.
The details of his demise are still unclear, but police sources said investigators are looking into the possibility of a drug overdose, as drug paraphernalia was found near his body. Goldstein was found wearing sweatpants and no shirt, and a crack pipe was found in his apartment, law-enforcement sources said.

DJ AM had not been heard from for a few days, and one of his friends went to check on him, but got no response after knocking on his apartment door, law-enforcement sources said. The friend then called the police, who broke into the apartment at about 5:30 p.m. Friday and found the DJ's body.

DJ AM was very out of this world Dj. With respect to him here is a set that was very popular. For those are not aware of it download and listen to his gold. Made with Scratch Live, I have a tracklist in the comments, I did my best, but if you see anything you know please comment. The guys on the Scratch Live forum reckon the tracklist has never been cracked.

DJ AM Live @ Banana Split 5_6_07.mp3

The happening

Boys Noize tonight, at the metro. Tracks from his new album power will definitely be on show. Specials guests include Kill the Noise from NYC. With a stellar line-up across 3 rooms, featuring Djedjotronic(FRA), Shadowdancer(UK) & Strip Steve(FRA) from the BoysNoize Stable.

Mac users can be excited with Snow Leopard release. I haven't upgraded yet, but i will soon. So many reviews about its functionality. Just have to wait and see. I think Mac have really taken apart an operating system and done wonders and for $29, your mad if you don't


Techno beauty. Oculus have also featured in Tigas top ten this month.

Fake blood has been playing it a lot lately, its a magic tune.
Savage Skull-Bumps feat.Timbuktu - Original Mix.mp3

Abit of tech house, Joachim Garraud has been smashing this on his podcast, nice rolling track.
Denis Naidanow-June

Thursday, August 27, 2009

What is the Deal?

Dior Homme Patent Hightop
AUD $1 125.00

Lanvin Medium High Trainer
AUD $1 070.00

Surkin 2010

Little samples and hints keep popping up from the french dance prodigy. Distinguishing himself, is what he strives for, Surkin could make radio fireworks all over again but he wants have an edge and bring a different vision of dance music to France. His new album will be exciting, Surkin suggests there will be more vocal tracks.

The album is 100% Surkin, however remixes that some have said he is working on are Erol and Boys noizes Waves, that would be a weapon. Anyway for those that do not live in France, Surkin will be in Oz for the Sterosonic series. And I dare say that by that time, we should have more of an idea about his album.

But for the time being here is a sample of Automatic, Teki Latex recently played it on Ustream live, a radio type show over the an Internet radio server which any one can broadcast a show, except the listeners need to know when your playing.

So here is a sample that a Teki Latex fan recorded when he listened to the show.
Surkin - Automatic.mp3

And one that you may or may not have, I think this came off his 2004 recordings.
Surkin - bclub rave track.mp3

Monday, August 24, 2009

Mix Monday 24

This week we have something special. You see, Boy 8-Bit is a bit of a fav here at Staying Sick. Having featured in a Mix Monday before this guy can most certainly put a mix together. After listening to this mixtape quite a few times what's impacting is how it still remains so fresh. The extremely clever, non-commercial and broad selection of tracks leaves you with something lasting. The mix is simple but not boring and shows that sometimes less is more. I'll stop raving just download it and see what I mean.

Here's what the man had to say bout it:
"This mix is different from my other mixtapes in the past. I’ve been doing a lot of touring this summer, and I have pool of records I really enjoyed playing. I wanted to put down a mix that reflected this. Basically I picked some tunes out of this pool and decided to make a no frills mix with them. Not as complex as my other mixes, but probably a more truthful reflection of what I play when I DJ out."

Dummy Mixtape - Boy 8-Bit


01. Boy 8-Bit - The Suspense Is Killing Me (Phillipe De Boyar Remix)
02. Jack Beats - What (Boy 8-Bit Remix)
03. Midfield General - Disco Sirens (Boy 8-Bit Remix)
04. Riton & Primary 1 - Who’s there
05. Tiga - What you need (Zombie Nation Extended Mix)
06. Tiga - What you need (Zombie Nation Remix)
07. Paul Woolford - Prune Juice
08. Sebastian Leger - Seaweed
09. Fake Blood - Mars (Style of Eye Remix)
10. Datensi - Doris and Levon (Colbeat remix)
11. Stephan Bodzin - Valentine
12. Serge Santiago - Atto D Amore (Dub Mix)
13. Boy 8-Bit - Baltic Pine
14. Oliver Huntemann - 37 Degrees
15. Boy 8-Bit - Chapel of Ghouls

This is a tune. Everything Boy 8-Bit seems to produce is different from the last. This uses a vocal which is somewhat uncharacteristic however the strong female vocal from Florence & The Machine is used to create an interesting and powerful 6 and half minute piece of music. (You know those chicks who say 'play something we can sing along to' - play this!)

Drumming Song (Boy 8-Bit Remix) - Florence & The Machine

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Around the World 6

This week we find out about one of the oldest performing venues in Amsterdam, Holland. Amsterdam is home to a lot of the worlds best Djs and producers, from Laidback Luke to Fedde le Grand. Today we are not here to talk about Dutch producers or Djs we are going to be Paradisco.

Clubbing in Amsterdam is relatively low-key, although lately it has changed a bit. Located in a former church, and known as the ‘pop-temple’ of Amsterdam, this notorious stage has hosted many famous bands already, and has a clubbier program on Friday & Saturday. Converted from a church to a club and concert venue in 1968, everyone from the Rolling Stones, Nirvana and Amy Winehouse has performed here. 1970s saw the whole punk scene usurp in Amsterdam, which saw the Paradisco become the Dutch Centre for Punk nights, before giving rave culture a big sweaty hug when 'peace and love' and happier drugs came back into fashion in the 1990s..

Whilst sounds and styles have changed over the years, the interior of the club never really has. The main room still retains the same choir stalls and stained glass windows it had a century ago, and the colored light streaming in as dawn breaks is quite a sight to behold, although the gurn on some party goers faces which are visible by the streaming light can be a daunting sight.

Paradisco is a major port of call for huge international acts. But for clubbers the real party begins after midnight when it opens for club nights, Armin Van Buuren is one of many who hold nights here.

As stunning as the main room is, one of the best things about the Paradisco is the other places to explore. With a rabbit warren of corridors, the smaller upstairs room plays host to up and coming bands, as well as locals Djs from local promotion.

In 2008 Paradisco saw a sound system revamp.The complete Digidesign package, which also includes system racks, expansion cards, cabling, and a Pro Tools|HD system — a package worth €150,000 — was supplied by Digidesign’s Benelux VENUE distributor, Ampco Belgium. With a full 12 month consultation from the sound providers, “I organised demos and invited sound engineers to work with the desk over a period. Flexibility and accessibility were important factors, since the Paradiso’s programme varies widely from DJs to spoken word to heavy metal. It was important that they had the opportunity to operate the system under all circumstances to see how easy it is to learn”, de Pooter says. With this in mind a fit-out in a church with high ceilings and arch ways can be a challenge. However Paradisco now has one of the most advanced systems in Amsterdam, keeping the old building going on the inside.

So thats the Paradisco for this week. It is a massive space with an old history and many more years left.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Clutch

Scott Jarvie is an English creator using his artistic and imaginative powers in more ways than one. He runs a design consultancy that spreads across many different mediums. One of the latest pieces of work that he's produced is 'The Clutch' which is a series of works all made using drinking straws! The idea behind the project was based on the microscopic observation of plants and the characteristics and properties of capillary tubes.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Mix Monday 23

Privledge, the biggest, baddest club in the world. Annie Mac, unquestionably one of the best female DJ's in the world. Combine the two and you have a pretty mega live set.

This was taken from the BBC Essential Mix a week ago where Annie Mac was on the bill along with the likes of Laidback Luke, Pete Tong and Eric Prydz. Standard. Annie plays a pretty banging set. Nothing mind blowing but the inclusion of a few very new tracks excites and teases. Erol and Boys Noize fresh one 'Waves' is on here. I have a feeling this song will be big!

Annie Mac's Essential Mix Live @ Privledge


01. Rennaissance Man – Spraycan
02. La Roux – Bulletproof (DJ Zinc Remix)
03. Fake Blood – Fix Your Accent
04. Sis – La Trompetta
05. Malente – I Like It (Riva Starr Remix)
06. Duck Sauce – You’re Nasty
07. Wolfgang Gartner – Flashback
08. Felix Da Housecat – Elvis
09. Radioclit – Divine Gosa (Switch Remix)
10. Major Lazer – Pon Di Floor
11. Laidback Luke & Diplo – Hey
12. MSTRKRFT feat John Legend – Heartbreaker (Laidback Luke Remix)
13. Riton & Primary 1 – Who’s There?
14. Erol Alkan & Boysnoize – Waves
15. Moda – Retrograde
16. Florence And The Machine – Drumming (Jackbeats Remix)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Shooting Stars

Friday is the landing date. But heres a preview into one of the remixes.

Bagraiders- Shooting Stars (Siriusmo Remix).mp3 Preview

Monday, August 10, 2009

Mix Monday 22

The Melbourne boys Cut Copy have come a long way since I first saw them at Homebake 2005. With their debut album blowing people away they managed to do what few can and back it up with an equally brilliant and unique second album. As well as making and playing great music the boys dabble in a bit of DJing. This is something which I think more musicians should do. Whichever way you look at it, if you're a successful musician you clearly understand music. The point I'm trying to make is that not enough DJ's actually understand music and how it works, even simple things like key changes.

Cut Copy were asked by the guys at Fabric do a mix for their compilation series Fabric Live. So back in 2006 Cut Copy released Fabriclive 29. Now, if this is a mix you haven't heard I strongly suggest you do. Musically it's amazing. Their ability to slowly increase the tempo and style of music with 25 very carefully picked tracks is quite astounding and clearly evident of their understanding and appreciation of music.

Fast forward to 2009 and this is sorta like a more recent version of 2006 Fabriclive compilation. It includes a bunch of local and relatively unknown tracks. Let Cut Copy take you on this cosmic journey.

So Cosmic - Cut Copy


1. Aphex Twin – On
2. Cut Copy – So Haunted (Knightlife End Edit)
3. Panda Bear – Bros
4. Popolice – (edit)
5. Delia & Gravin – Rise
6. Elitechnique – Fingerwood (Major Swellings Mix)
7. Nu Musik – Warp
8. Panthers – Goblin (Holy Ghost! Dub)
9. Alan Braxe & Fred Falke – Horizon
10. Bell X1 – Flame (Chicken Lips Dub)
11. Giorgio – Knights In White Saturn
12. Aeroplane – Aeroplane
13. Fleetwood Mac – Never Forgot
14. Likelike – So Electric
15. Saturn 5 – Oscillations
16. International Music System – Runaway (Edit)
17. Cut Copy – Lights & Music
18. Jean Michel Jarre – Oquinoxe (Edit)
19. Harmonia – Deluxe (Drum Edit)
20. The Bells – Target Group (C90 mix)
21. Holy Ghost – Hold On
22. Bag Raiders – Nil By Mouth
23. Space – Save Your Love
24. In Flagranti – Additional Alpha Blocker
25. Oran Juice Jones – The Rain
26. Cut Copy – Heart On Fire (Joakim Mix)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Around the World 5

This week, we are getting away from Europe and homing in on a destination that almost shares the same latitude as Western Australia, respectively.

17 Jiak Kim Street
Singapore 169420
Tel: 6738 2988

The building itself constructed of three warehouses on the Singapore River in 1919. When management tendered the place, the buildings looked like a bomb has just hit them, crumbling foundations and roofless. Zouk sought to restore the history back to its original state. Original walls were reinforced and conserved, new levels were added along with sneaky compartments throughout. All was done to give the almost century old foundations a modern facelift. Modern timber trusses bolstered the roof while maintaing the traditional architecture of warehouse of Singapore.

Zouk has been revamped many times since 1991. Zouk has always strived to provide a progressive and innovative clubbing environment. It last revamp in September 2005 saw a $7 million dollar overhaul and a closed club for about a month.

With a motto of 'one world, one music, one tribe, one dance", Zouk has all the ingredients of being the leading quality club in South East Asia. Recently being challenged by the fat cats of Ministry of Sound who tried to enter the already cut throat clubbing industry of large Asian cities. Darwinism would be the answer to why Zouk has remained the dominant force.

Not that Zouks ongoing supremacy is an act of chance or fortune. Why is it that when they revamp the structure they do not just add a new paint job, they research and add things like brand new funktion 1 sound, mosaic tiling, LED walls and soft lighting all aimed to provide a lavishly decorated Mediterranean feel.

In the past year Zouk has showcased the likes of Richie Hawtin, Michael Mayer, Sven Vath, Boys Noize, ,A trak, DJ T, Armin Van Buuren and many more. The music is one thing, however what impresses most Djs about Zouk is the sheer energy of the entirely drug-free crowds. As any drug use in Singapore results in death you can be pretty sure that nobody takes drugs for one night out. the big Djs dont play for less than three hours here. And from reports the crowd pumps the whole time.

So insiders tip, Zouk often pushs through till 9am but theres not much happening so head to The Marriot Hotel Bar.
Also if it rains, there are to for one drink at the Rooftop Loof bar, you cant lose.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Faults

So the weekend has started for most so I thought I would pleasure some ones ears with these gems. Out of the Aussies remixing Calvin Harris s Im not alone were Hey Now. Now Hook n Sling really makes something of it.


Eric Van Basten from Holland may be the next dutch superstar, with his latest chapter of his discography.

Eric Van Basten-Chap

This next track Ingrosso and Angello have been smashing, nice tech house that progress epically. Its got the horn that the Swedish House mafia love.

Sidekick-Deep Fear (Phobia Long Club Mix)

How good is milton Channels, rangin from hard tech house to progressive. IN this tune his sound is on the ball.
Very mad.

Andrea Saenz, Sebastian Reza-Sevilla! - Milton Channels Ultra Dub

Quick and simple, remember where you saw it first.Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Is it Back!

So with a few of the big pioneer figure head Djs suggesting the Mk4 is around the corner. It becomes a very exciting time. Pioneer are the kings of holding stuff back. No pictures, no specs no nothing, only big Djs commenting that it exists or is going to exist.
The above picture is what you would expect, since everyone would love the luxury of carry around USB s rather than Cd folders. I have read that its got full USB capability, wi-fi and the lot.

On the other hand Tommy Trash with one of his newer remixes. It brings back his hard and lots of bass element, its what you would expect if you saw him play. Play this on a loud system and wow.

Lady Sovereign-I Got U Dancing (Tommy Trash Remix).mp3

After Ducksauces aNyway making the rounds before its release a few were inspired by the sound and decided to go down that path. Here is SoniC s bootleg remix of Kool and Gang s fresh, very housey and smooth.
Kool and Gang-Fresh(SonicC Bootleg Remix).mp3

Ok, Wolfgang continues to amaze me with pulling out madder and madder tunes. If Wolfgang's 5th Symphony and Justices Synths had a baby, Firepower would its name. Very insane track, very hard but here is a preview for you to make up your mind.
Wolfgang Gartner-Firepower.mp3

One for the kids.
East & Young-Reveal the UFO(Arta Bootleg).mp3

Around the World 4

Around the world 4 lays at 103 Gaunt Street, London. The great Ministry of Sound Nightclub, also known as Ministry of sound. The club has a long history behind its owners and concepts. Inspired by New York’s Paradise Garage, Ministry of Sound’s renowned London nightclub was the brainchild of DJ Justin Berkmann, who set out to create London’s first club devoted to the US house music scenes of New York, Chicago and Detroit, with a room purely dedicated to sound.

Berkmann partnered with James Palumbo and Humphrey Waterhouse to bring the concept to life and a site, a disused bus garage, was located in Elephant & Castle in Southwark, London. With the now iconic logo designed by Marc Woodhouse, the doors officially opened on 21 September 1991. It was the UK’s first 24-hour dance license, and a 140dB(A) sound-system designed and installed by Austen Derek, Ministry of Sound London quickly grew in popularity as a clubbing venue, despite the lack of an alcohol license for the first three years and notoriously strict door policies.

The club comprises five main areas; the Bar, the Baby Box, the VIP and the Loft and the Box, the latter housing the club’s primary sound-system, with a specially-built roof to contain sound and a sprung floor intended to enable clubbers to dance for many hours without tiring, inspired by the dancefloor at the Paradise Garage.

Throughout the early nineties the club was lost in the commercial wilderness. Since then the club has enjoyed a creditable restoration that is little short of a miracle. In terms of clubbing, it depends on when you go. Saturdays hold up commercially savvy, with toolroom Djs most likely being featured. Pete Tong masters his Wonderland here and lots of Radio 1 broadcasts come out of Ministry of Sound.

Aforementioned about the sound. One thing that has not been questioned is its incredible and powerful sound, especially in the main room, known as the box. With a capacity of 1200, on the big Toolroom night the club has too nearly turn away 800 clubbers.

Martin Audio approached the club to revamp there system, they stuck to the original 6 stacks but just equalized and got the frequencies sizzling. Alot of research and development was needed to fit out the club again. The video below shows and tells it like it is. With Pete Tong informing us on how good it is.

MoSTV Archive - New Club Sound System on MUZU.

Ministry has built a record label out of the club with three offices through out the world. Signing many artists every year the talent that goes through the club is phenomenal. Especially when the big record label nights are on.

So if your in London, the Ministry of sound club is one of the few reason whys you should step into the elephant and Castle area.

Monsieur Oizo

That is all.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Mix Monday 21

Last week the first half of the Major Lazer, Essential Mix was put up. This week we have the second half mixed by Switch.

Here's a lil bio I found about Major Lazer and how it all sorta came about:
“Major Lazer is a Jamaican commando who lost his arm in the secret Zombie War of 1984. The US military rescued him and repurposed experimental lazers as prosthetic limbs. Since then Major Lazer has been a hired renegade soldier for a rogue government operating in secrecy underneath the watch of M5 and the CIA. His cover is that of a dancehall night club owner from Trinidad and he enlisted the help of long-time allies and uber-producers, Diplo and Switch, to produce his first LP. His true mission is to protect the world from the dark forces of evil that live just under the surface of a civilized society. He fights vampires and various monsters, parties hard, and has a rocket powered skateboard.”

Essential Mix (Switch Half) - Major Lazer


Switch Mix
1. Mr. Oizo & Sebastian 'Arrival'
2. Major Lazer 'Lazer Theme'
3. Artist Unknown 'Mash Up De Place'
4. King Jammys 'Judgement Day'
5. Bjork 'Nattura' (Switch Remix)
6. Ace Of Base 'All That She Wants'
7. Ninjasonik 'Pregnant Accapella '
8. Major Lazer: 'Baby Riddim' Feat. Prince Zimboo And M.I.A (Switch Remix)
10. Donny 'Symptomless Coma' (Current Value VIP)
11. Major Lazer 'Rebellion (Anything Goes) Accapella'
12. Leftside 'Shi Nuh Wahh'
13. Terror Fabulous & Nadine Sutherland 'Action'
14. The Shadow And The Ventures 'Hawaii Five-O' Feat. Andy Milonakis
15. Major Lazer 'Hold The Line Accapella'
16. Shawna Feat. Twista & Ludacris 'R.P.M'
17. Unknown 'Unknown'
18. Rye Rye 'Shake It To The Ground' (Switch And Santigold Remix)
19. Major Lazer 'Cash Flow' (Subskrpt Remix)
20. DJ Malvado 'Puto Mekie'
21. Major Lazer 'Can't Stop Now Accapella'
22. Switch & Crookers 'Untitled'
23. Mapei 'Belly'
24. White Label 'F***in' House'
25. Major Lazer 'Pon De Floor' (Drop The Lime Remix)
26. Unknown 'Unknown'
27. DJ Sega 'I'm A Flirt'
28. Major Lazer 'Pon De Floor Beats'
29. Par-T-One 'I'm So Crazy Accapella'
30. Amanda Blank 'Something Bigger, Something Better Accapella'

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Rub a Dub Dub, Easy Star's in the Tub.

Easy Star All Stars - Lonely Hearst Dub Band Pictures, Images and Photos

Whilst I am always highly skeptical of anything remixed, re-edited, remade or possibly even re-mastered, here is a little group that slipped under my radar and got a thumbs up. They are the Easy Star All Stars, a reggae/dub group formed on the grounds of simply covering previous material. In 2003 the All Stars released a highly entertaining version of Pink Floyd's 1973 release of Dark Side of The Moon, simply titled Dub Side of the Moon. Adding another dimension to the already existing spaced out ethereal sounds of Pink Floyd, the dub elements compliment a lot of the original tracks on the record. Following Dub Side of the Moon, the group released Radiodread, a song by song cover of Radiohead's OK Computer.

As good as these last two records were, it wasn't until Easy Star's Lonely Hearts Dub Band (a cover of The Beatles Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band) - which was released this year - that really got me appreciating their versions of great recordings. The horns, the panning of instruments, guitars filtered extensively through various amps and reverb effects presents some of the greatest songs ever released in a completely different colour.

These tracks are not to be compared with one and other because the originals are simply incomparable. They are however just an appreciation of great music played with various influences and something that might put you in the mood for a duck-tail joint.

Easy Star All Stars - Breathe

Pink Floyd - Breathe

Easy Star All Stars - Money

Pink Floyd - Money

Beatles - A Day in the Life

Easy Star All Stars - A Day in the Life

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Edit me


Matt Nordstrom from Nadastrom on the remix here. Its a beast turn it up loud.
Simon & Scientific feat. Tommie Sunshine-Time's Running Out [Matt Nordstrom Vocal Mix]

Now an edit can be anything from taking a bar out to fully cutting up track. Edit s are a great tool to show an edge with your djing. Today i have a few edits, the Yuksek dates back to 2007 but with a vocal over it, totally revamped.
Rennie Foster-Devil's Water - James Zabiela's "More Umph"•Edit

Hot Chip-Ready For The Floor (Soulwax remix - Cousin Cole Edit)

Yuksek-Should Be Slave (John Ross Really Really Hot Slave Edit)

The Kills-Cheap And Cheerful (Xxxchange Acid Edit)

You got it here first, Enjoy!