Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Black Rose-Anthem

Black Rose is a very exciting project which was put together by two legends. Henrik Schwarz and Jesse Rose, both are recognised individually for their production and Dj/Live shows. The duo have made tracks in the past, however it wasn't until Jesse invited Henrik to his night at Panorama Bar, Henrik proposed, “Look should we try and do a back-to-back where I play live and you play records”. Subsequently, promotors were trying to book 'Black Rose' from then on.

The duo only really play together about 3 times a year, its a grind to setup, as well running labels and their very busy lives.

We have a 2 hr set which was recorded at the end of last year, will up soon, big file sorry. Watch this space

Yesterday marked the birth of Black Rose's first track, called anthem. Now readily available on sites such as beatport.

MTP036 Black Rose - Anthem Single by Made to Play

It was a month behind schedule and also about two years old, however it is here now.... being played on radio 1 for the past three weeks this track is like finding a Black Rose'.

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