Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Gypsy Wedding Music Vs Bar Mitzvah House Party

So a few weeks ago we had A-Trak talking to Steve Angello about ‘Gypsy Wedding Music’. The track he was reffering to is his recent Flonko which he made with his brother. I love the way he summed it up. Two versions were released of the track and both rely heavily on some crazy clarinet samples over big bold kicks to bring this ‘Gypsy Wedding Music’ feeling and sound.

Flonko (Version 1) - Steve Angello & AN21

This is another similar track I stumbled across the other day. If Flonko is gypsy wedding music then Klezmer is a ‘Bar Mitzvah House Party’. I wonder whether A-Trak would play it..? I love the idea of these elements being brought in a dance track, especially when it’s executed well.

Klezmer - Pizeta Feat. Reagadelica

Here's a sneaky lil remix I came across thats very fitting for the post. It's a Renaissance Man remix of a Havard Bass tune and uses similar elements to the top tracks above.

81 (Renaissance Man Remix) - Havard Bass

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