Thursday, November 19, 2009

Kid Sisters Helpers

When producing a tune, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. For me its the Kick. Recently, I was looking through Kid Sister s album that got picked up by Fools Gold.

Alot of her tracks I am familiar with, however one thing I was not familiar with was the producers behind them. Some of the producers are the biggest names in dance music.

Below is her album with each tracks producer..... Some very high ranked producers.

1. Right Hand Hi (prod. Steve Angello + Sebastian Ingrosso)
2. Life On TV (prod. Yuksek)
3. Big n Bad (prod. Count + Sinden)
4. Step (feat. Estelle) (prod. Rusko)
5. Let Me Bang 2009 (prod. XXXChange)
6. Pro Nails (feat. Terence Kanye West) (prod. A-Trak)
7. Daydreaming (feat. Cee-Lo) (prod. Brian Kennedy)
8. Switch Board (feat. DJ Gant-Man) (prod. DJ Gant-Man)
9. 54321 (prod. XXXChange)
10.Get Fresh (prod. A-Trak + XXXChange).mp3
11.You Ain’t Really Down (prod. A-Trak).mp3
12. Control (prod. XXXChange)

I overlooked this album at first but then really went back and loved some of it. Then when I researched the production I realised why I was loving it.

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