Friday, December 4, 2009

Crookers Sound Loss

So for those who were watching The Crookers when their sound was lost, a massive boo was givin. This Boo echoed all the way to the Daily Telegraph who wrote an article in Wednesdays paper that read like this:

ITALIAN DJ duo The Crookers have hit back at claims their controversial set at Stereosonic was not a live performance.
After the sound went down during their headlining set inside the Royal Hall of Industries at Saturday’s massive music festival, the production pair were accused of not mixing their music.

"They lost the place in their CD and needed time to get back on track," a backstage source said.

They were booed heavily by the crowd and returned to the stage ten minutes later.

"The reason we lost the music is because you were too quiet. Get loud!" was the explanation given to the audience of over two thousand.

However the boys, DJ’s Phra and Bot, said today that it was a mixer malfunction and that they always perform live sets.

"It was simply a mixer issue, it overheated after running solid all day in a super hot and sweaty humid room," they told Confidential.

"We didn’t realise the main system was down because our stage monitors stayed on which was pretty funny, we where thinking why aren’t the crowd dancing.”

"As soon as we picked up the issue the mixer was changed so end of problem."

The Italian stallions are currently on break in Byron Bay before playing Adelaide on Saturday.

Australia’s onelove have selected The Crookers to mix one disc of their upcoming Sound Machine compilation in cahoots with local DJ stars Matt Nugent and Grant Smillie.

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