Monday, May 3, 2010

Mix Monday 42

On the weekend I attended the Creamfields festival in Sydney. With the international branding behind this party relatively high expectations were placed upon this festival for its debut on Australian soil. With a pretty diverse and pretty boring all round line up an usual crowd attended. Not your average music lovers. The set up was all wrong with a shit small room where MSTRKRFT closed in what may as well have been a bath tub it was that hot and sweaty. The Bloody Beetroots, the headline act, had 'technical difficults' and ended up playing ONE song after an hour wait. I actually ended up having a pretty good day hiding over near the suprisingly small and overlooked Planet Hardware stage where I caught a variety of nice techno and house. Riva Starr was by far the highlight for me with an 90 set of pretty much all his own work put together flawlessly and with class. Unfortunately though, overall, this festival was a complete failure in my opinion as clearly rushed, unorganised and unprofessionally run event that could have worked.

Enough with my bitching. On to some GOOD music which is why we're all here. By now a lot of people have heard of the latest and greatest super-collab between Riton and Mehdi (not necassarily in that order), called Carte Blanche. The two came together to make and play good old disco house music. The way it should be. By not overworking stuff and keeping it simple but effective you have something which is pleasingly fun. Get down.

The two are embarking on their world tour as we speak so check out Riton or Dj Mehdi's myspace to see if they're gonna be in your neck of the woods.

Carte Blanche - House Party Mix

1. CARTE BLANCHE ‘Do! Do! Do!’
3. FARLEY JACKMASTER FUNK ‘Love Can’t Turn Around’ (Accapella)
4. INNER CITY ‘xxxxxx’
5. DAFT PUNK ‘Face To Face’ (Accapella)
6. LNR ‘You Can’t Stop The House’
7. HOT CITY ‘Hot City Bass’
8. BLAZE ‘Whatcha Gonna Do’
9. PUZIQUE ‘Don’t Go’
10. TODD TERRY ‘A Day In The Life’ (RITON “Feel It” Edit)
11. DEETRON ‘Life Soundtrack’
12. MIKE DUNN ‘Deep Down (The Underground)’
13. ARMANDO ‘Turn My Shit Up’
14. HARDTON ‘Earthquake’
15. THE PERSUADER ‘Bottle Up’
16. DIRT CREW ‘Psycho’
17. MOKO ‘Acid On The Air’
18. JAN DRIVER ‘Tellyfoam’
19. MATTHEW DEAR ‘Dog Days’
21. JOSH WINK ‘How’s The Music’
23. KIKOMOTO ALLSTARS ‘I’ll Make You Jack’
24. LAND SHARK ‘Tie Me Up’ (Chicken Lips Trax Dub)
25. DAN BLACK ‘Symphony’ (Hot City’ Remix)
26. CARTE BLANCHE ‘In The Mix’
27. CARTE BLANCHE ‘Gare Du Nord’
29. PAUL JOHNSON ‘Get Get Down’ (RITON Edit)
30. ROYAL HOUSE ‘Yeah Buddy’
31. DJ JUKE ‘Blow Your Whistle’ (NY House Mix)
32. HARD DRIVE ‘Deep Inside’