Saturday, May 15, 2010

Monday Lily

So Steve cancelled Creamfields, but for good reason. On May 10th 2010 Steve and his wife Isabel had a baby girl. Having their daughter on Monday and subsequently they named their newborn Monday-Lily.

Its good to see Steve holding his precious newborn so peacefully, it sort of looks like he just had the baby....

Stayingsick would like to congratulate Steve and his wife Isabel.

Below is Steve's wife Isabel's blog where you can see some more pictures.

A few for the weekend....

This is very similar to Duck Sauce's new track that got posted here earlier. It samples Boney M and from my understanding it is or was considered as an unofficial remix for DuckSauce s Barbra Streissand
Ziggy Stardust-Breaking Bones.mp3

Everyone is getting their remixes ready for the 'Speak No Americano' remix competition. Everyday I hear it on the radio which is saying to me the song is about to be ruined. But this competition will bring out some new and creative mixes. Heres a mix to compare yours too, or simply to hear a different take on the original.
Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP-Speak No Americano (Olsen vs LC's back to the future remix).mp3

Finally a chuckie remix of Moby. Alot of Moby mixes have come out, but for me this one is a beast.
Moby - Jltf (Chuckie Remix).mp3