Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Local Sydneyman, Beni, has started going places. It's not as if he wasn't earlier, he has simply started gaining the recognition he deserves. His latest EP has been picked up by the Kitsune kids as was his last one, My Love Sees You. This has in similar fashion led the track to a string of remixes by some solid players. Amongst them, Alex Gopher (who he has worked with and remixed before), Havard Bass, Jori Hulkkonen and fello Aussie boys Andy & Ohh Wee. I've decided to include the Melboune boys remix as it's my favourite, although, it's a solid little remix package without a dud in the bunch. Worth the purchase.

Maximus (Andy & Ohh Wee Pink Version) - Beni

I had to include this music video. I only saw this the first time the other day and it made me go have another listen, somehow I hadn't even noticed that fun-boy Sam Sparro does the vocal.

This video is gangster. The 17/70 year old b-boy in the red pants is as real as they come. It's refreshing to see a dance video that ISN'T utter shite, its not the budget just the ideas that make videos like these!

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