Monday, October 26, 2009

Mix Monday 33

Erol Alkan is one talented musician. He just came out to Australia for the first time and opened many Aussies eyes to what Europe has been salivating over for almost a decade. What makes this man so successful and has helped him acquire a cult following is his true and devoted passion for music. He has released very few originals (independently) but has produced a tonne of stuff collaborating with a numerous and diverse range of artists. He has a few remixes which again range greatly in style. The beauty of the remixes is the subtle use of simple production executed cleverly. This has left him with a small collection of potent and lasting remixes.

His recent tour down-under was received very well as he bounced around the country with the bunch of other DJs playing Parklife in each of the capital cities. One of the unique aspects of his tour was that he played two sets in each city. So while each DJ had one time slot at Parklife he had two separate ones on two different stages. The idea behind this was Erol's recent Disco 3000 venture. This is a style of music that can't be easily defined but by the name suggests there is a definite disco element with a futuristic approach. So he played a regular festival style set which was still very well put together with a pile of big electro/house/tech songs and ALSO played a 'Disco 3000' set.

At the end of last year Erol released the first part of his Disco 3000 series and people began to stir. The underground scene hopped onto it quickly and music boofs started talking. Without a tracklist countless blogs/forums tried to pinpoint a complete tracklist. I still haven't seen a complete accurate one to date. Erol Alkan's Resident Advisor Podcast (RA171) was re-released recently as part 2 of the Disco 3000 series. A similar thing has happened with the tracklist this time with Erol saying it's "coming soon" people have from all over have tried to decipher the mash of tracks.

I rate this mix for two main reasons. Firstly, its a collection of unknown tunes which creates a element of freshness and suspense that often mixes lack or more often loose after a short period of time. Secondly the alternate style of mixing keeps the mix interesting and also showcases Erol's amazing ability to somehow make two opposite songs sit side by side. Just download it and see what I mean.

Disco 3000 (Part II) - Erol Alkan


01. Black Cock - Get Ready (Reprise)
02. Serge Santiago - Hypnotic
03. Charlie - Spacer Woman
04. Knight Action - Single Girl
05. Beat Club - Security
06. Supercharge - I Think I'm Going To Fall (In Love) (Disco 3000 Edit)
07. Hypnotic Samba - Stop - Watch
08. Harry Thumann - Sphinx
09. Riz Ortolani - Il Corpo De Linda
10. ???
11. Possible Erol edit
12. Luv You Madly Orchestra - Moon Maiden
13. ???
14. ???
15. ???
16. Bumblebee Unlimited - I Love You
17. Independent Movement - Slipping Away (Popular People's Front Edit)
18. Junior Byron - Woman
19. In Flagranti - EFX 10-11
20. Jodie "Fingers" Finch - Jack Your Big Booty
21. Soundstream - Love Town
22. Peter Jacques Band - Walking On Music
23. Martin Circus - Disco Circus
24. Max Berlin - Elle Et Moi (Joakim Remix)
25. ???
26. Stevo Armani - (Don't Say) It's Over (Mascara DJs Action mix)

If you having any off the gaps please fill them in.


marr said...

hey dude, where is part I? is it the Parklife set you had on your blog?

ps. great set!

NAD said...

You can download part 1 plus a bunch of other cool stuff
if u subscribe to his podcast on iTunes