Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Who likes a good party?

So you like a good party? How about the Best Party Ever?! Yeah, sounds good. It is.
Toecutter is an underground Sydney based DJ has been in the scene for over a decade now. Not conforming to any one style this fellow has produced a range of stuff in his time, a lot of it more swayed towards the hardcore scene. A track he made a lil while back has received a bit of attention and those crazy Bang Gang boys have picked it up. Now, being released on the Bang Gang 12" label is the original along with a diverse collection of remixes from local and international producers.

Here's what the interesting man that is Toecutter had to say about it himself:
"I've been doing my thing my whole life! I was pretty surprised that they asked me to release 'Best Party Ever'. I think they liked the hook and were like 'Well, this COULD be great, but it's a little RED LINED!' we touched it up a bit. You should hear the early mixes of it. It was like Roule Records but made on a harpsichord - jarring and mechanical! I am really pleased to meet these guys cause they are sweet-AS, and a lot more open-minded than I thought they would be!

Here is the original piece of work which is very unique with quite a few chops and changes. This is accompanied by the Perth kid Shazam's remix who, like of late, has produced another quality nu-disco take on things!

Best Party Ever - Toecutter

Best Party Ever (Shazam Remix) - Toecutter

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