Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hello Brooklyn

This video was made by Greg Solenström. It takes a fresh approach by using still images and written text to narate the song. It's simple but surprisingly effective. No chains, rims, blunts or Crystal here kids.

Jay Z - "Hello Brooklyn" from Greg Solenström on Vimeo.

Not enough, infact barely any artists in hip hop write dope lyrics. It's sad but true. Jay-Z, he's different. This video highlights this. Not enough people even pay attention to lyricism anymore rather cheap hooks (normally in autotune). Listen to what Jigga says and how he flows so smoothly.

The song is actually from a sneaky lil mixtape called Brooklyn Soul. It was produced by Shuko & The Gunna back in '08 and is a collection of Jay-Z rhymes of Marvin Gaye beats. It's good, I recommend getting the whole thing.

Hello Brooklyn - Jay-Z

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