Sunday, January 3, 2010

Field Day Wrap

Sebastian leger

The Frenchman looked like he was still partying from the night before. He played one of his classic sets, really getting into that gypsy sound... At 2.30pm it was a good setting for his tunes.


Interesting choice of songs, all his tunes were chosen in threes and in the same key so his could quickly mash them. A couple of mistakes, but the main mistake caused by a Miami Horror bass player tuning his guitar over the top of the Riton s tune. Riton was so confused with what the hell the sound was until he realised. Played all the latest fat bass tunes, from Afrojack to Wolfgang Gartner.


Only saw the start and got as far as Moby- I Love To Move In Here (Proxy Remix) which sounded sick. The crowd looked like they liked the sound. I heard Indian Film which I was happy about.

Dj Yoda

One of the reasons why I went... Very sick. Every 30 seconds he had a new snare or most of the time a whole new song in. Everything from Country Music to Hip Hop. Just one massive flow of tunes everyone knew.

Jack Beats

The crowd was seriously keen on these two. Jack Beats showed them their new aged fidget electro and the crowd responded. When Warp came on, the crowd thought they were in the Warp video.

Skream and Benga

Good intro, everyone knew what they were, but I thought it was good that Benga sort of MC'd at the beginning and warmed the crowd. Dubstep intro to Sydney was heavy, cool to see.

Fake Blood
Very Heavy set, after he finished so many people were mentioning their new favourite Dj is Fake Blood. If anyone is familiar with Fake Blood s new compilation ' Wax On Compilation Series', Vol.1 (Mixed By Fake Blood & People Get Real) then his Field Day Set reminded me of this compilation, a lot of tracks were played from here.

2manydjs Live
With a majestic Light show and Audio visual Component the guys played a standard 2manydjs Set, I think. Ticked all commercial boxes and hit a few deep sounds like desynchronised and Jack is Back, also the guys had just flown in from Melbourne. Within 20 minutes of their set Stef had already walked off the stage to sort out a sound problem, he loves to have perfect sound.
1. Radio Intro.
2.Hey Girl Hey Boy-Chemical Brothers
5.Rock da Casbah-The Clash
6.Kris Menace-Scaler
7.Walter Murphy & the Big Apple Band-A Fifth of Beethoven (Soulwax Remix)
8.Pon Da Floor-Major Lazer
10.Windowlicker-Aphex Twins
11.Sweet Dreams-Eurythmics (Erol Alkan re-edit)
12.Robot Rock-Daft Punk(ID Remix)
13.Boys Noize-Waves
14.Armand Van Helden-Bonkers(Soulwax Edit)
15.Zombie Nation-Kernkraft 400 (ID Edit)
16.DIM and Tai-Lyposuct
20.Riverside-Sidney Sampson
21.A Milli-Lil Wayne Original
22.John Paul Young-Love is in the Air
23.Diddy & Felix - 20 Minute Versions accapella
24.Gossip-Standing in the way of control(Soulwax Remix)
25.David Guetta-Jack is Back
26.Tiga-Mind Dimension
29.CLS-Can you feel it
30.Alex Gopher - Aurora
32.David Bowie-Rebel Rebel(Soulwax Remix)
33.Whos Who-Whos There Acapella
34.Justice-Phantom(Soulwax Remix)
35.Max Romeo-Outer Space(Prodigy Remix)

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