Sunday, January 31, 2010

January Promo Mix

Something new in 2010. We've had a little idea at Staying Sick. We figure there's so much new and good music constantly coming out. We want to share all of our favourites with you but then you run into trouble for posting songs in full form, or mp3's in too high a quality or tracks which haven't been released and rightly so as the artist have the rights to these and should be pissed about everyone getting something for free, even though unfortunately it's inevitable.

What we have in mind is a monthly Promo mix for you all. The aim of these mixes will be to showcase a bunch of new stuff which were into while also throwing in a couple of old favourites to keep it interesting. Each of these mixes will be recorded live to add an additional element of excitement (cos lets face it, any prick can pluck a perfect mix together on Ableton etc). These mixes will cross many genre boundaries as we like many genres. However, at the same time we aim to have the mixes flowing and fun.

The first mix we've done is actually not full of new tunes at all. Quite the opposite, we decided to choose mainly old tracks which we've liked for a long time with the exception of a few newbies to give you guys an idea of what we like and where we're coming from. So enjoy the first in many monthly promos.

Staying Sick Jan Promo 2010


01. Cruel Intentions (Heartbreaks Slow Action Remix) - Simian Mobile Disco
02. Hold Tight - His Majesty Andre
03. Crave You - Flight Facilities
04. I'll Get You - Classixx
05. Let Me Be Real (Kraak n Smaak Remix) - Fedde Le Grand
06. Too Cool For School - Don Diablo
07. Go Girl (U-Tern's Oizo Blend) - Pitbull
08. Music Sounds Booty With You - Supermal
09. Ultimate Funk (Original Club 1998 Mix) - Bob Sinclair
10. aNYway - Duck Sauce
11. In The Music - Deepswing
12. Mount Helicon - Van Guard
13. Whoomp There's The Funk - Cubby Fingers
14. Tha Stepper - Sammy Bananas
15. Fresh (Sonic C Bootleg) - Kool And The Gang
16. Same Man Eater - Potato Headz
17. I Like It (GlowTape! Likes An Edit) - Malente vs. Riva Starr
18. The Bomb - The Bucketheads
19. Everybody Over Here (C&C Music Factory Bootleg) - Mason

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