Thursday, April 23, 2009

Es ist gut, ya?

Berlin Calling is a film by Hannes Stohr featuring at the Audi 2009 German Film Festival. The film follows the life of DJ/Producer Martin aka DJ Ickarus and his turbulent lifestyle exacerbated by the underground drug culture and his tumultuous relationship with his girlfriend, record label and family.

Attention DJs : This film will appeal to you! DJ Ickarus (Paul Kalkbrenner) is a semi-pro DJ who loves his stimulants, touring the globe and gaining industry recognition. At the same time he is in the process of releasing an album. Ickarus overdoses on a shit pill (containing PMA - aka 'death', stay away kids) and is admitted to a psychiatric clinic (rehab). This is where we see the schizophrenic episodes create the reality of drug abuse. The Berlin underground-techno scene is heavily featured and the seedy lifestyle that is synonymous with it does too. 

While the film drags on in parts, it is clearly setting the tone for the dance sub-culture made infamous in the 90s and the profound effects of excessive drug use amongst DJs and club patrons. A few funny parts here and there and some enjoyable tracks makes it a little more stimulating for the audience.

It is currently being shown at Chauvel Cinemas, Paddington and other various cinemas. If you are a DJ, Meth head, Techno Addict, Pill Popper, K Taker or just a curious lad as I was, go check it out. Oh, and he uses Ableton on his you'll see it?

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