Thursday, April 16, 2009

Norway Moves In

Norwegian fun boys Svein Berge and Torbjorn Brundtland are dance duo Royksopp. Their music is a combination of dance-pop and deep groove electronica. Junior,  the 3rd studio album (released earlier this year)has been critically acclaimed reaching as high as 28 on the ARIA charts. (not that that really matters)

Starting out in the 'Bergen Wave' of early 90s Norwegian experimental groups the band has risen to success with this album collaborating with Swedish artist Robyn on 'The Girl and the Robot' and also features the unique, sought after vocals in Karin Anderssen of the Knife. 

The funny thing about this album is that it has all the elements to be incredibly cheesy, housey Wild FM/Eurovision-like stuff on a select few tracks, although there is somehow a boundary that prevents that from turning you off. Maybe it's the album cover, or the fact that we are obsessed with music from those cold, depressing areas of the globe.

First single released - 'Happy Up Here' is a great album opener sampling P-Funk's Do That Stuff. 'Tricky Tricky' gets the BPM's up so we are fit for a rave and glow sticks and 'Vision One' and 'Silver Cruiser' share the ambience of a Massive Attack record. My favourite would have to be This Must Be It feat. Karin Anderssen of The Knife. The energy and her voice make the track a little stronger than the others. 'It's What I Want' is a an 80s driven dark sound with enjoyable treated vocals and drum synths.
Long live Icy Norway.

This Must Be It - Royskopp

It's What I Want - Royskopp

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