Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Not a household name, Mastiksoul is a somewhat unknown producer who does know what he's doing. He's being DJ since 1992! Originally he split his time between Portugal and France but now he's all over the place. He's playing something stupid like 10 countries over the next month.

What brought my attention to this character was Ajax, a Sydney based DJ. Seen a few of his more recent sets he's been playing a remix of Daft Punk's 'Technologic'. Or so I thought. I found out that this piece was actually an orginial which sampled the song Technologic. The song was by Mastiksoul...

Run For Cover - Mastiksoul

As this guys stuff isn't to widely spread in the blog world I've decided to share with you a few more of his slightly more obscure material. None of these are that new. I like the African element in his production. Anyway, here's two more of his own and a remix of an old Lake track.

Jacobino - Mastiksoul

Bofe De Elite - Mastiksoul

Only One (Mastiksoul Remix) - Chris Lake