Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Twelves

Easily in my Top 10 Brazilian duos are The Twelves, who are hitting Sydneytown in the near future to force feed you some synthy Latin loving. They’ve been pretty busy of late, and have been indulging a bit of a retro fetish, and first up is a remix of the 80s equivalent of a banger, Take On Me by A-Ha. Next up is a re-edit of one of my favourite bands of all time – The Alan Parsons Project. Alan was an engineer (for Pink Floyd no less)-cum-frontman, and the re-edit essentially makes an already great song dancefloor friendly.

Take On Me (The Twelves Remix) - A-Ha

I Wouldn't Want to be Like You (The Twelves Re-Edit) - Alan Parsons Project

In standard style I’ll also throw up a couple of their other newish songs for you all to snatch greedily without saying thanks. Jerks.

Metropolis (The Twelves Remix) - Cicada

Rich Girls (The Twelves Remix) - The Virgins

And why don't I introduce a regular blog epilogue called 'The Vault'? I'll probably forget by next post, but bugger it. Enjoy this little Juggernauts B-Side gem. Jerks.

Jump the Gun - Midnight Juggernauts

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