Saturday, July 4, 2009

Around the World 1

Welcome to the first "Around the world" post. These posts will be sharing images and the information needed for going out in some of the worlds biggest night clubs. Being from Australia, we have no idea of capacity of international clubbing, unless your well travelled. From sound to VIP areas, what ever idea you think of, times it by 50 and that would be reality.

I also invite any one who has visited the club to comment on their experience s. Kicking off the first post is a Club or an institution in Berlin, Germany. The two part former power station and gay fetist club, has two levels, Berghain and Panorama Bar on the top level.
Above is the former power station. Looks like it is pre-war.
This makes a bit more sense.

With a capacity of 1500, this club is shaping the future of the techno sound like nothing else on earth. Joris Voorn describes it as "the true definition of a techno club that is all about the music". Berghain hands its djs the time, space, and freedom. A short set here is a minimum of three hours. As the rest of Europe is sitting for brunch Laurent Garnier may be starting you on the tech-trail ride.

Forget about VIP areas, mirrors in toilets and cameras as the club is stripped back. Photography is outlawed. So if your wondering what type of sound system does a club with a massive music following have? Yes Berghain's has a Funktion One / Dolby 6.1 surround sound system. And with its high ceilings the Funktion one system can run top end beats.

In terms of when to go, visit the Berghain website for updates on set times. However monthly residencies include Switch, Jesse Rose, Sneak. If you are into your techno this is the place to be with thousands making the pilgrimage every year. Paul Woodford explains " its a massive inspiration for anybody serious about house and techno culture". With this in mind, if your interested in club management, the management at Berghain are the real deal, run by incredibly dedicated people who love music and understand how a club works.

Hope you have abit more information and ideas into what was voted the best club in the world 2009 by globetrotting djs.


echrow said...

ill be there in a couple of days! boo yaa

Ad said...

don't forget that at the cellar level there is Lab-oratory, which in turn is the most extreme, pervert-pig-gay-cult-club in the whole wide world. Taking over where Vagevuur in the Netherlands left off some years ago.
Also a world example, where you can indulge in any fetish scene, you never even thought existed:
great bar, great labyrinth, slings etc. Same quality sound system as above, ideal locker and shower facilities.