Friday, July 31, 2009


Disco is a style of music that can only grow on you. What I love about this genre is that the music is timeless. A good disco track or remix will stand the test of time whether it was made back when disco exploded in the 70's and 80's compared with the stuff made today. I've recently stumbled across a couple of killer disco remixes.

First up is a remix of a classic hip hop tune titled Rapper's Delight which was released in 1980 by the group Sugarhill Gang and was the first ever hip hop track to become a Top 40 hit. It samples the Chic song Good Times. This song has recently received a bit of revival with a collection of remixes. Amongst them was a few local ones and the Aussie boys Youth have given it a laid back disco style feel.

Rapper's Delight (Youth Takes It To The Disco Dub) - Sugarhill Gang

The next tune is something you may have heard. There was a Zombie Disco Squad remix floating ng around with a couple of others. One of the remixes which doesn't really seem to have popped its head out is the Crazy P remix. Crazy P style doesn't vary large amounts but when you got something good why change it. Consistency is rewarded when it's quality. This particular remix focuses on the killer vocal by VV Brown who I think had an amazing voice.

Shark In The Water (Crazy P Remix) - VV Brown

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