Sunday, July 26, 2009

Around the World 3

Its tucked away, not visible between all the smoke shops and amber red glowing doorways.First thing I can say is photography is not tolerated, so leave the camera at the hotel. Hence the dodgy shot above. Some think of Japan and think about all the techy design. However, with a club that regularly invites the likes of Joris Voorn, Sasha, Digweed, etc. since spring 2000 Womb has built a reputation for being visually and sonically one of the worlds true clubbing masterpieces. It boasts 3 levels overlooking a massive dancefloor, 30 foot ceiling in the main room, a 7ft diameter disco ball, and the best laser, light, and video show in Tokyo.This place is built for sound, built in a hexagonal shape Womb is not a place for posing. Its sound was imported from New York, the Phazon System and its peerless speaker stacks emits clarity and bass propulsion which is like listening to someone talk as a Boeing takes off next to you but being able to hear their words.

"Its a very special sound system there", believes dutch techno Fein and keen advocate joris Voorn. So the sound is one thing, but the light show is what does it for most. Being in Tokyo, with so much neon you would think that there could be a lazer show of some sort. Womb's light team are constantly creating a black canvas above you with flickering green and blue lasers puncturing the imagery of a canvas above you. The Hollywood movie Babel's club scene was shot here.

The final ingredient into the fruit salad is the incredibly up-for-it crazey crowds that djs regards the most enthusiastic and friendly crowds. All simply there to forget about life and enjoy some of the best tech minimal sounds current Djs have to offer.

Even the WOMB Website is so advanced, taking the iTunes carousal feel.

So thats it for this week, a little insight into Japans most underground globalized club. So when planned a skiing or shopping trip to Japan, just let your tour guide know and will arrange it!

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