Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mishka x Major Lazer

New York streetwear label Mishka has had a side music project running for some time now. Basically the label invites producers/DJ's which they dig to do promo mixes called "Keep Watch" which are normally accompanied by a clothing release. They are up to their 10th release and have called upon “electro-reggae-dancehall virtuoso” Major Lazer.

To give you an idea, some of the past artists who have done 'Keep Watch' mixes include Congorock, Nadastromn and Teki Latex. The mix which Major Lazer did sounded familiar when I first downloaded it. I quickly realised that it's the same mix the boys did for BBC Radio1's Essential Mix. The 40 minutes is taken from the Switch hour. It's a solid mix with a bunch of unique bootlegs done for it. Next Monday I'm putting up the Switch hour from the Major Lazer Essential Mix so you'll hear all.

With 'Keep Watch Vol 10' there's a apparel release in the form of a tee-shirt. The graphic was designed by Skinny Digital. Take a look.

Here's one of the sly little bootleg's the boys did for the mix. It takes famous Hawaii Five-O theme song which has been covered by the Ventures. Then over the top are the catchy Hold The Line lyrics. This will get people moving.

Hawaii Five-O (Hold The Line Bootleg) - The Ventures Vs. Major Lazer

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