Thursday, July 30, 2009

New and old!

Just been ripping through my itunes lately, finding some old classics. So thought I would share them, me and a mate were talking about how good it is when an old tune gets revived. For those that totally missed the track when it came out, or simply running into it on someone's ipod. Whenever you hear a sick tune, you automatically think, is it new?

Today just wanted others to hear these some new and some old tunes.

Joe and Will Ask have taken a harder approach on the boys from the U.K, Milke's latest release Maybe I am crazy. I really like it, especially the first nu wave bit. Great Job Joe and Will, with only little under two years under your belts, they have pumped out a tune.
Milke-Maybe Im Crazy (Joe And Will Ask Remix).mp3

Now an Adam Shaw original from the start of 2008, true rolling bass, they don t make'm like this anymore.
Adam Shaw-Engage (Original Mix).mp3

New one from Spirit Catcher who have had a bit of a break from it all. Great punchy bass into mellow vocal.
Spirit Catcher-Beezy Operator - Vocal Extended Mix.mp3

There abit of mystery going down with this track on what its actually called. But its actually the flip side which everyone thought was the same track. Cajou Club is on the flip side and it's incredible. Also turbo recordings are getting Renaissance Man to do a remix. Gonna be a big one! This year has been a big one for Turbo Recordings, What else can they throw at us!
Brodinski & Noob-Peanuts Club.mp3

Blast From the Past:
Junior Jack (real name Vito Lucente, born August 31, 1971. This track was a single from 2004 in his Junior Jack days.
Great track to go revive some memories possibly.
Junior Jack-Stupidisco .mp3

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