Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mid-Week Movement

Its winter, and this image is inviting.

So nadastrom, they are sick, but they are stealth. I mean they only let you crawl, rather than walk. I would love to know how many edits, bootlegs and remixes they have. Recently on stayingsick we posted a preview of the Bart B more-make some noise(nadastrom edit) which laidback luke has been hammering. They have had segments on radio 1 for the past two weeks where they have dropped some cheeky edits. Below is their official mix of Hey. Did not see it coming, when you listen you will know what I mean. It is fitting a genre that is growing among household djs.

Laidback Luke and Diplo-Hey-Nadastrom-Hot-Latin-Dub.mp3

Duck sauce is a translucent sweet and sour orange condiment used in some Chinese-American restaurants. But not if A-trak and Armand Van helden can help it. These two have come together to create this absolute weapon. They made a 4 track EP but decided to release two tracks early because of the outcry for the tracks. So many world class djs have been supporting this. Busy P loves it. Parklife 2009, this is where you will hear this track, expect it from Busy P, atrak, and possibly erol. I think its the next kilometer, for me anyway.


Finally something local. Tom Piper is a class act and his production should be more noticed. This is his take on riverside.

Sidney Sampson-Riverside Tom Piper Remix.mp3


ARTA said...

Whats Coming to stayingsick

1. Boy Better Know-too many men(dj zinc remix)

Thumbs up or thumbs down?

NAD said...

Thumbs up!!!!

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