Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bart B More


Last night I had the opportunity to see Bart B More, the Holland based dj/producer, play a two hour set. It was the first of his Australian Tour and he can rest assure that not only do the kids down here love his music, he can work a crowd. He played a two hour set which consisted of two somewhat different halves.
You could tell when he hit the stage he was a little nervous, understandably, playing in a country you never have before and not knowing what to expect. The first hour of his set was very housey and included a range of his orginal mixes and also remix work. Then in the second hour after he'd loosened up and got an understanding of the crowd he started playing more electro house and fidget rave type dance music dropping tunes like; AA 24/7 - Dance Area, Raven - Proxy and the new bomb Pump Repeat (Mowgli Remix (keep an eye for this one)).
I've decided to provide you with a variety of tracks as Bart B More's work has a vast amount of variety.
First is the track which got me hooked on the guy. His amazing and ever so catchy remix of Ron Carroll's 'Walking Down The Street'. Get ya Nikes on!

Mediafire: Walking Down The Street (Bart B More Remix) - Ron Carroll

Next up are a couple of the rarer bootlegs. First is the bootleg of his Larry Tee - I Love You remix with Carmina Burana. I first heard this in Steve Aoki's Essential Mix, it opened with this powerful track and I was blown away.
To follow this is a bootleg by the Candian boys VNDLSM of Bart's Killing It (which was one of the tracks which put him on the map) and A Bit Patchy.

Mediafire: I Love U (Bart B More "Carmina Burana" Remix) - Larry Tee

Mediafire: Killing It Patchy (VNDLSM Bootleg) -Bart B More/Eric Prydz/Switch

Lastly, two of his better remixes. One new, one not so new. The newer of the two is his recent remix of Diplo's Wassup feat Rye Rye. Secondly, the unmistakable Bart B More sound in Touch Me.

Mediafire: Wassup (Bart B More Remix) - Dilpo

Mediafire: Touch Me(Bart B More Remix) - Bingo Players Vs. Chocolate Puma

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