Saturday, March 7, 2009

Stylish Eye


Style Of Eye, hailing from Stockholm, Sweden is a relatively unknown DJ/producer down in the land of Oz. A couple weeks back I saw Tommy Trash play a set and he dropped an oldy but a goody that reminded me of this minimal tech/house producer. The track was The Prophet and although I'm pretty sure no one in the club knewn what it was, everyone loved it. The track probably falls into the category of minimal tech and has this eerie feel to it. After hearing the tune I went home and haven't stopped listening to it since. This was the follow up to his EP 'The Big Kazoo'. Since then his released a few more tracks including Clown and Girls which I've both included. His sound only seems to be developing and getting better as he explores the genres of techno to house through raw percussion and minimal, floaty melodies and weird noises. Keep an Eye out for more of this mystery man...

Mediafire: The Prophet - Style Of Eye

Mediafire: Girls - Style Of Eye

Mediafire: Clown - Style Of Eye

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