Tuesday, March 10, 2009

White Boy


It's time to listen to...Whitest Boy Alive's recently released follow-up album, Rules. These Berlin-based masters of contemporary minimal pop have again been able to pleasure my ear drums with this new 11-track LP. 

I was lucky enough to see these guys live (accidentally, of course) back in London 2007.  This band was practically unknown to anyone outside of the German indie scene - although Erlend Oye may sound familiar to some...Kings of Convenience anyone? It was at the Astoria in London where they supported Shoreditch kids New Young Pony Club. It was then when I fell into a musically based homoerotic love for these four dudes. Yes,  I may have got a little excited but you must be curious now, right? The minute they jammed out to the tracks from the debut album Dreams (2007) I was totally inspired and in in awe of these guys and how they delivered a danceable, jazz-groove atmosphere...all without digital equipment! How rare is that these days? And boy are they proud of that - it wasn't rare to here Erlend scream out during a jam "Look! No Computers!"

Rules delivers nothing less than Dreams.
As lead singer Erlend Oye continues to cantillate soothing vocals, the funky rooted bass lines of Marcin Oz delivers a page out of the 'Miles Davis Textbook of Cool'. The band is again proving to be far more than an "Indie Pop" band and is moving towards a more sophisticated, mature sounding bunch of accomplished, intelligent musicians with two very well produced albums under their belts. Check out tracks: "Keep a Secret", "1517" and "Island"

Mediafire: 1517 - The Whitest Boy Alive

Mediafire: Island - The Whitest Boy Alive

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