Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Faults

So the weekend has started for most so I thought I would pleasure some ones ears with these gems. Out of the Aussies remixing Calvin Harris s Im not alone were Hey Now. Now Hook n Sling really makes something of it.


Eric Van Basten from Holland may be the next dutch superstar, with his latest chapter of his discography.

Eric Van Basten-Chap

This next track Ingrosso and Angello have been smashing, nice tech house that progress epically. Its got the horn that the Swedish House mafia love.

Sidekick-Deep Fear (Phobia Long Club Mix)

How good is milton Channels, rangin from hard tech house to progressive. IN this tune his sound is on the ball.
Very mad.

Andrea Saenz, Sebastian Reza-Sevilla! - Milton Channels Ultra Dub

Quick and simple, remember where you saw it first.Enjoy!


Jordan said...

you guys are doing such a siiiiiick job on your blog. I get all your tracks daily and they are nothing but awesome! keep up the good work! You should do a tribute to Deadmau5 if your into that!

Jordan (Calgary, Canada(

ARTA said...

Thanks, deadmau5 had a few new ones coming. Will do. Did you miss atrak play in Canada?