Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Around the World 4

Around the world 4 lays at 103 Gaunt Street, London. The great Ministry of Sound Nightclub, also known as Ministry of sound. The club has a long history behind its owners and concepts. Inspired by New York’s Paradise Garage, Ministry of Sound’s renowned London nightclub was the brainchild of DJ Justin Berkmann, who set out to create London’s first club devoted to the US house music scenes of New York, Chicago and Detroit, with a room purely dedicated to sound.

Berkmann partnered with James Palumbo and Humphrey Waterhouse to bring the concept to life and a site, a disused bus garage, was located in Elephant & Castle in Southwark, London. With the now iconic logo designed by Marc Woodhouse, the doors officially opened on 21 September 1991. It was the UK’s first 24-hour dance license, and a 140dB(A) sound-system designed and installed by Austen Derek, Ministry of Sound London quickly grew in popularity as a clubbing venue, despite the lack of an alcohol license for the first three years and notoriously strict door policies.

The club comprises five main areas; the Bar, the Baby Box, the VIP and the Loft and the Box, the latter housing the club’s primary sound-system, with a specially-built roof to contain sound and a sprung floor intended to enable clubbers to dance for many hours without tiring, inspired by the dancefloor at the Paradise Garage.

Throughout the early nineties the club was lost in the commercial wilderness. Since then the club has enjoyed a creditable restoration that is little short of a miracle. In terms of clubbing, it depends on when you go. Saturdays hold up commercially savvy, with toolroom Djs most likely being featured. Pete Tong masters his Wonderland here and lots of Radio 1 broadcasts come out of Ministry of Sound.

Aforementioned about the sound. One thing that has not been questioned is its incredible and powerful sound, especially in the main room, known as the box. With a capacity of 1200, on the big Toolroom night the club has too nearly turn away 800 clubbers.

Martin Audio approached the club to revamp there system, they stuck to the original 6 stacks but just equalized and got the frequencies sizzling. Alot of research and development was needed to fit out the club again. The video below shows and tells it like it is. With Pete Tong informing us on how good it is.

MoSTV Archive - New Club Sound System on MUZU.

Ministry has built a record label out of the club with three offices through out the world. Signing many artists every year the talent that goes through the club is phenomenal. Especially when the big record label nights are on.

So if your in London, the Ministry of sound club is one of the few reason whys you should step into the elephant and Castle area.

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