Sunday, August 30, 2009


First up, new stuff from local talent Beni. For those who aren't up to speed with this dude he is half of Riot In Belgium and has now been producing quite a few up beat discoish electro tunes that have been recieving attention internationally. He recently mixed the MOS Mashed album which is well worth a listen. Here's a track from the B-side of his latest EP Maximus.

Fringe Element - Beni

Next up, Fake Blood has been busy recently with a few originals and remixes. With his 'Fix Your Accent' EP just around the corner there is a fair bit of hype surrounding this mysterious man at the moment. This is a fresh remix the big fella has done of The Gossip. Big song.

Love Long Distance (Fake Blood Remix) - The Gossip

With the amazing Dummy Mixtape which was posted on Monday here's some more insight into the talented Boy 8-Bit. This is a tune which he has currently been spinning quite regularly. I love this guy's ability to find a range of obscure and unknown tracks and then put them together in a way which seems so flawless. This hits it's stride around the 2:18 min mark.

Avouch - Tony Senghore

Here's some new Crookers. With their new album not far off there's been bits a pieces popping up. This time remixing Swedish electronic artist Fever Ray the Crookers have given it a big dancehall feel.

Seven (Crookers Remix) - Fever Ray

This one's just a bit of fun. Feel good friendly vocal.

Make Up To Break Up (Alvaro Remix) - Jeremih

Recently I've been getting more and more into tribal stuff. It also seems more produces and remixes are swinging this way with a noticable increase in the amount of tribal tech and house that has been emerging of late. Here's a good example with Edu K reworking Afro Nuts.

Afro Nuts (Edu K Remix) - Yolanda Be Cool

This is a bomb. Think Benny Benassi's Satisfaction just bigger and better and without words. For you Marto.

The Bottom - Fukkk Offf


ARTA said...

Beni-Fringe Element(alex Gopher remix)

echrow said...

just got back from creamfields! that was soo sick! some of the best sets ive ever seen! can you guys put some ferry corsten. he is soooo epic