Saturday, August 1, 2009

Edit me


Matt Nordstrom from Nadastrom on the remix here. Its a beast turn it up loud.
Simon & Scientific feat. Tommie Sunshine-Time's Running Out [Matt Nordstrom Vocal Mix]

Now an edit can be anything from taking a bar out to fully cutting up track. Edit s are a great tool to show an edge with your djing. Today i have a few edits, the Yuksek dates back to 2007 but with a vocal over it, totally revamped.
Rennie Foster-Devil's Water - James Zabiela's "More Umph"•Edit

Hot Chip-Ready For The Floor (Soulwax remix - Cousin Cole Edit)

Yuksek-Should Be Slave (John Ross Really Really Hot Slave Edit)

The Kills-Cheap And Cheerful (Xxxchange Acid Edit)

You got it here first, Enjoy!

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