Thursday, August 27, 2009

Surkin 2010

Little samples and hints keep popping up from the french dance prodigy. Distinguishing himself, is what he strives for, Surkin could make radio fireworks all over again but he wants have an edge and bring a different vision of dance music to France. His new album will be exciting, Surkin suggests there will be more vocal tracks.

The album is 100% Surkin, however remixes that some have said he is working on are Erol and Boys noizes Waves, that would be a weapon. Anyway for those that do not live in France, Surkin will be in Oz for the Sterosonic series. And I dare say that by that time, we should have more of an idea about his album.

But for the time being here is a sample of Automatic, Teki Latex recently played it on Ustream live, a radio type show over the an Internet radio server which any one can broadcast a show, except the listeners need to know when your playing.

So here is a sample that a Teki Latex fan recorded when he listened to the show.
Surkin - Automatic.mp3

And one that you may or may not have, I think this came off his 2004 recordings.
Surkin - bclub rave track.mp3

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