Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Anders Trentemøller

We often rave about how good the DJ's and producers are that appear on Staying Sick which is expected, were not gonna post crap we hate. Yes?
That said, this post is in homage to a truly talented creature, Anders Trentemøller. Being an extraordinary DJ (refer to Mix Monday 6) and an equally skilled producer, a mate and I discussed other day and what takes this individual to the next level of being an undeniably skilled musician (which is a status that sadly the majority of DJ/producers fail to obtain these days).

I guess the debate begins with the right questions... What makes a true musician? There are a few factors undoubtably but a good starting point is someone who makes music that is long lasting and I believe this is the greatest credit to Trentemøller's success. The music he makes/remixes is not the songs you here one year on the MOS Clubber's Anthems along with every other mix compilation but rather songs that are used in more unique mixes and you will continue to hear for years.

Secondly, the way his music is made. Trentemøller has an insane knowledge of music. Being a big fan of many genre's outside the electronic realm. It's this man's ability to break down boundaries and create music unlike any other. The fact that he doesn't try to appeal to one particular audience and follow one style enables him to make music that is what HE feels, unlike producers who are known for their style or 'sound' and then limited to it. This leaves you with an art form rich with creativity and uniqueness and is that not what true art is???

So now you want to cop some of this guys insight. Well you can. A brand new compilation has been put together that explores some of the Danish maverick's favourite songs for those special, intimate moments that exist purely between sound and listener.
Launched along with a brand new label platform, HFN, Harbour Boat Trips - 01: Copenhagen by Trentemøller is a very special, life-affirming CD that speaks to us in volumes, sharing Anders' absolute favourites from four decades of music history. You'll see the tracklist and probably not know much, I certainly didn't. This reiterates the point that this mix (being his first mix CD) is not out to please, the extent of unfamiliar names on show, a promise that the compiler will introduce us to something new. I've got my copy and I strongly suggest you go get yours.

Now I wouldn't want to leave you empty handed after all that hype so I've got a few tracks for you. These first three are the big fella's newer stuff with three remixes he's banged out in the last couple of months. All three are quite different from one another; my pick of the bunch is the 'No You Girls' remix.

All Nite (Trentemøller Remix) - Visti & Meyland

Give A Little (Trentemøller Re-Adjustment) - Andy Caldwell

No You Girls(Trentemøller Remix) - Franz Ferdinand

And to just push/prove my point even further I've decided to put up a couple of older tracks taken from Trentemøller's first studio album called 'The Last Resort'. The album, if you haven’t heard it, is quite a piece of work. Not a dancefloor album by any means, this demonstrates the musicality I keep blabbing on about. The first track is a vocal remix Trentemøller did of his own song Moan and the second is an ambient track called Miss You. I've included both the video's for these tracks too as they only add the mastery.

Moan (Trentemøller Vocal Remix) - Trentemøller

Try watching this 5 down...

Miss You - Trentemøller


will said...

I am quite sure that this post will push people who are not familiar with trentemollers work to explore his music beyond the tracks posted. He is truly one of a kind and to not discover his mastery would be to go without music thats indescribably brilliant.

echrow said...

this guy is rad. too right nad