Friday, June 19, 2009

Boys Noize (sic)

Let's kick off a fine post with a couple of tracks from Boys Noize. First up is an original off their most recent EP, and it's one fine tune: named Jeffer, it's very nicely developed, and look out for the cool unexpected chord change at 1:00. Sure, the whole chopped up sample thing is getting very worked out at the moment, but Jeffer does it abso-bloody-exactly right. Also from Mr. Noize (can I call him Boys?) is an edit of a Siriusmo track from a few months back. It ticks all the boxes: DJ friendly, big snare, filter sweeps leading up to a nice drop. Très cool. (P.S. That è took me 40 minutes to figure out).

Jeffer - Boys Noize

Mein Menu Fahrrad (Boys Noize Edit) - Siriusmo

And sure enough, because I'm not clever enough to construct a logical, cohesive blog post, here are a few unrelated tracks. Firstly, everyone's favourite polite Japanese musician with a name that extends stereotypes, Shinichi Osawa, gives the Bag Raiders a go. Then, on a completely different note, Kurtis Blow provides us with an old classic. Enjoy.

Turbo Love (Shinichi Osawa Remix) - Bag Raiders

The Breaks - Kurtis Blow