Friday, June 26, 2009

A-trak Top 10!

A-trak Top 10

1. Name:
Alain Macklovitch

2. Maddest Scenario
May 2004 when he was performing in a London record store where Kanye West happened to witness his crafty handiwork. Then be picked to travel and DJ for Kanye's North American tour, which eventually extended into Europe and Asia

3. Siblings?
Yes. Has an older brother named David "Dave 1" Macklovitch - 1/2 of the Electro-funk duo Chromeo

4.==Titles and Awards==

*1997 Canadian DMC Champion
*1997 Technics / DMC World Champion (15 years old - youngest ever)
*1998 Technics DMC World finals (3rd place)
*1999 ITF Western Hemisphere Scratch Champion
*1999 ITF Advancement World Champion
*1999 Vestax Extravaganza World Champion
*2000 West Coast Technics / DMC Team Champion
*2000 Technics / DMC Team World Champion
*2000 ITF Advancement World Champion

5. Tools
Serato Scratch LIVE

6. Birth date
February 17 1972

7. Other achievements
Founder of Fools Gold Recordings

8. Recent Releases
Infinity + 1 and Fabriclive.45

9. Myspace top friends
KID SISTER , DJ MEHDI, KanYe West, Tiga, Laidback Luke, SURKIN, diplo, Jack beats, heaps more sick cunts

10. Where is he playing soon

The above event would be sick, but its quite far away.
So Parklife would be a better option for viewing.

Actual top 10:

1.Whos there - Who’s There? (preview)
2.SonicC - Stickin
3. Perempay & Dee - Buss It
4. Major Lazer - Pon Di Floor
5. Lil Wayne vs. DJ Gant-Man - Filet Mignon (Gant-Man’s Juke It Up mix)
6. DJ Zinc - Blunt Edge(preview)
7. Treasure Fingers - What Am I Supposed To Do (Demo)
8. Deal Wit It - What Cho Name Is
9.In The Club - Turn You On (Mowgli Remix)
10.Joakim - Watermelon Bubbalicious

The missing tracks are not signed yet. So will just leave them out.

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