Monday, June 22, 2009

Mix Monday 16

This weeks mix is another live set, this time however it's from some local Sydney talent. Marky Mark is part of a cult taking over. This entourage call themselves the 'Troublemakers'. They're well worth taking a look at. This bunch of DJs and producers have teamed up to make music, play music and throw pretty mad parties. I'd suggest checking them out as this is where the Sydney scene is headed, i.e. away from commercial shite (sorry 18yr old gurners). This is a set he did on the weekend which popped into my inbox. It's a very well played 55 minute tribal style tech set with a diverse and unconventional tracklist. Go cause some trouble.

Tecnología Tecnología - Marky Mark.

1. Shark In The Water (Zombie Disco Squad Rmx) - VV Brown
2. Sa Punta (Duckbeats Dub) - Jet Project
3. Mas Que Nada (Funkin Matt Rmx) - Gregor Salto
4. Concumbia - Worthy & Yankee Zulu
5. 81 (Rnnaissanceman Rmx) - Havard Bass
6. Bounce It Up - Robaco Bossa
7. Suseleker - Sync & Arg95
8. Caliente - Mastiksoul & Nick&Danny Chatelain
9. Riverside (Afrojack Rmx) - Sidney Samson
10. Gansta Gangsta (Zug Zug Rmx) - $penda C
11. What Is Guru (Riva Starr Rmx) - Renaissance Man
12. Big Stef - Solo
13. Gehts Trippin - Kevstar
14. Voodoo - Franky Rizardo % Daniel Beasley
15. Elephant Fight (Worthy Rmx) - Christian Martin
16. Work The Walls - Worthy
17. Dirty Maluku Style - Hoodie ft. Chico

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the dj's who get paid to do washing