Sunday, June 14, 2009

Louis Vuitton what?

A collab with LV was a natural move for the self professed 'Louis Vuitton Don' and I must say there is a fair improvement from his last collab with Nike. Although from using all the power of deduction that I can muster I would have to say that Mr. West had less of a hand in this collaboration than the over hyped mess that was the ' Air Yeezy'.  It would appear that Louis Vuitton has harnessed the selling power of Kanye whilst keeping some design integrity.

There is a movement towards luxury sneakers by the 'new-school' sneaker head. Exclusivity is the name of the sneaker game although it seems the 'where did you get those' factor could be loosing out to 'I know where you got those but I still can't have them'. 

If you walk down the street with a pair of these you will turn heads including mine. So you now have to ask yourself  if they are worth US$800+...


NAD said...

These shit all over the Air Yeezy's

echrow said...

dont rate 'em that highly but the the black ones are fair sick