Wednesday, June 17, 2009


This is abit of a random post, but this streetlife djs remix jumped in my inbox and it has samples of Justice s phantom through it. I did not know of it until a couple of days ago. Anyway it got me thinking and I looked more at streetlife djs, they have a unique style and sound, a Streetlife DJ set can take you from Altern8 into Depeche Mode, Gangstarr into Daft Punk, Adonis into The Who, all of which will have the special re-edit treatment to give it that unique Streetlife touch. The re-edits are kept down to an intense blast of only a few minutes, which creates a quickfire effect to their DJ sets. They add samples, accapellas and sound fx to the mix. Compliment that with the most cutting edge electronic dance and alternative, along with some of the slickest mixing and programming you're likely to hear and the result is something really quite exciting and definitely very refreshing.

This remix would of been sick like a year ago.
Groove Armada - Get Down (Streetlife DJs Remix).mp3

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