Monday, June 15, 2009


The Bag Raiders played last Friday at Moulin Rouge in Sydney and were partying pretty hard. When they rocked up (15 minutes late), they were straight up in the DJ booth grinding the supporting DJ and dancing on tables. These pricks were loose and it was mad. With their energy rubbing off on the crowd the boys played a killer set, nicely putting some hard elecrto and fidget with some more disco type tunes. Here's what it looked like...

So everyone's coped the most recent EP from the Bag Radiers with 'Turbo Love' and 'Shooting Star'. Now the remixes, re-edits, bootlegs etc have started to roll out. I've decided to provide you with a few or the rarer and in my opinion better pieces of work to pop up.
First, Turbo Love. The orginal of this kills it. Big party tune and quite versatile aswell fitting into a range of mixes and sets. The first remix is a re-edit done by the Baggies themselves and is just a more DJ friendly version with an extended intro. The second is actually a cover. A random one too. It's a jazz song, even with a bit of jazz flute! It's called the Business Class Lounge Version which I think somes it up well, groovy. The third and final remix is largely a dancefloor tune, with a slight nu-disco feel but still maintains it's hardness with heavy bass and kicks.

Turbo Love (Raiders Slamball Revision) - Bag Radiers

Turbo Love (Business Class Lounge Cover Version) - Flight Facilities feat. Louie Austen

Turbo Love (Light Year Remix) - Bag Radiers

Next up we have a couple versions of the dreamy anthem 'Shooting Star'. The first is an edit which adds a few drum machines and synths to increase the intensity, even if it's only slightly, on the original. The second is bootleg. I found labelled as a 'Call Me Up' (Bag Raiders Remix). However, it's actually a bootleg of Call Me Up and Shooting Star. Not quite as smooth as the original but something a little different and definately worth a listen.

Shooting Star (Flashmen Edit) - Bag Radiers

Shooting Star (Call Me Up Bootleg) - Bag Radiers

You have to check out this clip.
This guy thinks he's the shit. That's cos he is. Bit of Snoop Dogg (word has it, it's his second cousin)

Last but not least. From the vault. A sneaky bootleg of Fun Punch with SebastiAn's 'Greel'.

Fun Greel (NAD Bootleg) - Bag Radiers vs. SebastiAn


?notheaps said...

Don't like them.

The towels are mad but.

Jette said...

'dreamy' anthem... couldn't have said it better myself.