Friday, June 26, 2009

Whats Hot!

Since summer is well underway in the northern hemisphere, music production goes up 10fold. Everyone wants to have their music ready for the summer as summer in Europe is party time. So I have been noticing a few tracks getting about and thought I would give you a preview.

First one is a relatively new one by Larry Tee that was released at the start of May, remixed by afrojack. Its got the vocal and a de-constructed feel about it. Being played by LBL and the likes.

Download:Larry Tee ft Roxy Cottontail-Make Nasty (Afrojack Remix)PREVIEW.mp3

This next one is a simple edit done be the Nadastrom boys. Getting some good play with this party tune.
Download:Bart B More - Make Some Noise (Nadastrom Edit)PREVIEW.mp3

Alex Gopher has just released Hang guns. Above is the man himself on the right with another sick cunt. Below is Gopher s studio. It looks like its full of old school hardware.

So here's the remix Beni has put together recently. You may have heard it out and about. Created by Alex Gopher and remixed by Beni, now thats a formula.
Download:Alex Gopher-Handguns(Beni's Pow Pow Pow Remix).mp3


Don Bellacci said...

Great post and great blog ! Are you ok for a link echange ?

ARTA said...

Yeah what r you after?