Friday, May 1, 2009

Exclusive !!!

You all know the two guys above 'The Potbelleez' are DJ-producers Dave Goode and Jonny Sonic, sassy singer & MC Blue and vocalist Ilan Kidron. Both Irish, Dave and Jonny landed as backpackers in Sydney in 2002 and met shortly after to form the original dynamic duo. Blue joined the pair in 2005, having previously dropped rhymes for legendary UK act Hexstatic, whilst living in London and Ilan made his entrance in 2006 as the band took about a legendary 2 year Saturday night residency at Moulin Rouge in Sydney’s red light district, Kings Cross.

Today, The Potbelleez unquestionably stand as one of Australia’s most in-demand acts, having performed over 250 gigs in 2007 alone.

To many of us in Sydney treat them as just another local, nothing special. Don t Hold back, Don t Hold back, Don t Hold back, Don t Hold back, Don t Hold back!!!!!!!!
Mainstream, Mainstream.

However stepping back a little now the duo dj shows include their MC and vocalist. Also their diverse range cheeky bootlegs and edits from their bootleg Vault. These edits and booties they do play, but sometimes we totally miss!!

So, today I am just giving you a little exclusive taste of what the boys (Thank you Jonny Sonic) have been thrashing throughout the last 6 months around the continent.

Cum In My Sunglasses - Potbelleez Bootleg
(Including 'Sunglasses at Night' and the Beatles 'Come together') This is a little weapon as the boys describe it!

Mars On Helium (The Potbelleez Bootleg)
Bass Kleph and Paul Anthony - Helium V's Fake Blood - Mars

Dj Fuck Creme (Potbelleez Bootleg)

Are You Dropping Pressure(POTBELLEEZ BOOTEEZ)
The Potbelleez - Are You With Me.... with a Mashup Of Mylo's Killer "Drop The Pressure" and some chopped samples from Deadmau5 - My Friend

Bootiful Booty (Potbelleez Mash)

So there is a taste of the big fellas in action. Unfortunately they have no listed gigs in Sydney for a while, playing more regional areas. Stay Sick!

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