Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sneaky Map!

Here is the layout if you have not seen it already. Set times later this week, they are probably struggling with the vast amount of people playing. I can tick of Bobmo off the list who I saw on Friday.

He had it all layed out in front of him on his Macbook with an Ableton rainbow of colours. It was a very good show, starting with the Soulwax edit of Chemical Brothers, 'Hey Girl Hey Boy'. The dancefloor thickened immediately. Then he touched all bases for me, Raven, White Knight, Get up, Get get get get get down.

A mix I have been after for ages, quite old now.
Note, this isn't the orginal remix they made which did the rounds it's a rarer more spacey edit.

Kelis Feat. Too Short-Bossy (Alan Braxe & Fred Falke Earth Out Remix.mp3 .mp3

If you missed Friday and have other people to watch at We Love, check out Bobmo recently on Paris Radio.
Thanks LA Friendly

Bobmo Live Radio Campus Paris 23 05 2009 .mp3


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