Friday, May 1, 2009

Heavy beats on the mean streets

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Peter Bjorn & John are back with their fifth album Living Thing. From being still to this day an absolute obsessed fan of this Swedish trio since their great work on their 2006 release - Writer's Block, I've had to really let this one grow on me

Writers Block was 10/10 in my ears. With Beatles-eqsue vocals and indie guitar sounding riffs the record featured the wonderful melodic pop tune, 'Young Folks'. Arguably one of my favourite songs of the decade. I think this album was a long-awaited album for indie pop.

So without further adieu, here is Living Thing. An album filled with experimental sounds, the works of the band clearly point out that they've ditched the vox amps and guitars for tom toms, kick drums and swearing.

I can see a few remixes coming out of these tracks... or there should be anyway. 'Lay it down' is my fav at the moment. There is a half decent remix circulating at the moment. I'll put it up soon.

Check out a couple...

Just the Pass

Nothing to Worry about

Lay it Down

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