Friday, May 29, 2009

P.A.M. Sunglass Collabs

In 2007 street wear label P.A.M. (Perks And Mini) did a collaboration with Australia brand COLAB which is a clever brand who have a concept that insures a limitless amount of creativity to each season of eyewear. You see, COLAB features a revolving range of well known artists and designers to create some of their eye pieces. This is what the two did when they paired up.

Almost exactly three years later P.A.M.'s lastest sunglasses range have been released. This time in collaboration with Super (Italy) are their 'Basic Shape' sunglasses finished in 2 completely custom colored patterns from P.A.M.'s 'Magic Messages'. Choose from pina green/black with Neo Geo pattern, or sky blue with all over contrast Oiled Marble effect.

For something pretty damn random... peek here
Question is how many are there???

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