Sunday, May 10, 2009

What's Good

This will sort you out for the week.

I heard this on the radio last week being played by a Sydney DJ, Bass Kleph. It was just an uplifting vocal house tune. It's not an amazing remix but it still keeps the orginal violin sample which is what makes this song.

Runnin' (Ian Carey Remix) - Doman And Gooding

This less known remix of Beni's My Love Sees You is a slightly harder more driving version. With a boosted kick this song really comes to life. This is combined with a clever breakdown in the middle of the song which gives it more suspense than the orginal. This is dance floor 11:34pm.

My Love Sees You (DerDieDas Remix) - Beni

A lot of Trevor Lovey's (the guy who brought us Organ Grinder) production is hard and deep fidget/electro style dance music. This track however is a little different. While being quite a fidget remix it brings in elements of house and with a buttload of vocals carefully chopped up it become a very high enery dance tune.

Let It Rain (Trevor Loveys Remix) - Tyken feat ADL

Last but not least is the wonderful work of Boy 8 Bit. This remix is addictive with a mysterious sounding bubbly rolling bass line. Quite a different and inspired rework of the orginal.

What (Boy 8 Bit Remix) - Jack Beats

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