Monday, May 11, 2009

Mac vs Dell


The last week I have been weighing up the two Entities above. I was on the road two weeks ago when I when past a Mac shop, I went in and had a look to see why so many people frothing, did not think much of it I was going to stick with my PC.

Anyway fast forward to today and after many hours constructing my Dell (the one pictured above) I decided maybe I will check out the whole PC vs Mac advertising campaigns, Apple and Microsoft are constantly throwing adverts at their users not showing cool product features but promoting their company image. While Apple’s “Get a Mac” campaign tries to present the mac as progressive and cool, the PC as conservative and boring, Microsoft is using various types of spots to answer Apple’s commercials.

So 90% of the world is on PC, and the remaining is on Mac. So why do people like Mac ergonomics, simpler operating system, less viruses, premium hardware.

At this point I was interested to know why there was a small inference sitting with Mac. It came down to PC being for the 'corporate' and Mac being for the 'artist'.

Anyway I have my Dell ordered. But every minute turning to a Mac. So in the end I have converted to the top Mac, 24inch. Cancelling my Dell order.

But now coming from PC and using ableton DAW, I am checking out apples logic 8 as an overall production system. Pretty sure the whole Swedish House mafia uses it, Chris lake, recently laidback luke has changed up on it. In terms of that disco sound logic has the widest library. Unlike Logic ableton runs with Vsts. My main problem with ableton at the moment is that many of the Vsts and synths are PC based. With this in mind, I later found that the new Mac I am about to purchase has an option called Bootcamp. Which allows you to log in to windows xp or your preferred PC operating system. And if I was dedicated I could run a parallel with one screen running Leopard and the other running XP.

Anyway my main objective of this post is to get some feeback from the readers to what setup they have and pros and cons if they can make a comparision.

Also are you a Mac or Pc?

And your Thoughts on Logic Pro and Ableton Live

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