Friday, May 29, 2009

Vivid Syndey

Last night a few of us went down to Sydney Harbour's Circular Quay and The Rocks to check out, Vivid Sydney, a festival of music, light and ideas...
The main part of this attraction recieving media coverage and attention is the 'Luminous' light show being displayed on the Sydney Opera House. However, this is only part of the fesitval. There is a full light walk with heaps of smaller light attractions. Another part is Creative Sydney at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Circular Quay offering both a provocative discussion program and a bunch of showcases from the city's emerging creative talents, mainly in fashion.

Producer, artist and pioneer of ambient sound, Brian Eno has been commissioned by Events NSW to curate the inaugural event, which will brings new emerging and established artists together to explore "'music, light and ideas".

I'd highly recommend this to anyone living in Sydney. The festival has already begun and runs through till about the middle of june. For those unlucky punters who don't, here are a few snaps for you.

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lamajew said...

definately gonna go down and check this out. looks mad!

Tim said...

I think that this showcase of lights, music and art harnesses what every gen y kid is about! We experience the city every weekend not taking into account the beauty the surrounds some of our most famous landmarks, and instead of us capturing them into our normal realm of Sydney we are now forced to take a step back, admire and imagine the 'emotional song' within each piece of infustructure. Although music is the key tempo to our social undertanding of ins and outs we are now blessed with a city of lights which are nothing short of spectacular!!!

ARTA said...

Well said Tim