Sunday, May 17, 2009

Simian - 'the higher primates'...

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Ok, so it's been nearly 6 months since the Simian Mobile Disco Oz Tour but to be quite frank, I don't care. Call me lazy or outdated but this was an awesome gig that most of you missed. Why do I say that? Because nobody actually came to the gig for the reason that most were to tight and went to watch the 2nd rate show they put on at BDO instead!(2nd rate in comparison to this).

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Here are some clips I've uploaded on YouTube to prove that the 2 James' are almost untouchable when it comes to electronic music in the live arena. And yes, LIVE. Dj's and their decks can blow me if they disagree - get a round table set up like this and I may Hi-Five you with a congrats and credit... The light show sent a few Epileptics out of control but hey, it was worth the $60.

***Get ready for 'Temporary Pleasures' - the second studio release due out in August!!!***

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